Jewrotica Fantasies – Hadassah

A113 hadassah

Hadassah is the third post in a series of Jewrotica Fantasies.  These fantasies, belonging to Jewish women and men, have either been submitted directly to Jewrotica or compiled from certified sex therapists – including our own Dr. Limor – with the permission of the clients involved.  Check out our others posts in the Jewrotica Fantasies series: Lilith and Danielle.

rating_xxxHe calls me late at night. I guess any interpretation of it would be a definite “booty call” but I’m inclined to take him up on it.

A few text messages back and forth, a quick yet thorough shower and I’m ready to go on the nocturnal quest of my well-deserved and insatiable desire. I check myself in the mirror, making sure my skin glows and my hair falls on my forehead in a seductive manner.

“No underwear for me tonight,” I murmur to myself.

This should be a good encounter: I love feeling aroused and drenched with sheer, sultry and slutty desire.

Coming out into the cold night, my car feels like an ice box until it finally warms up and spreads some well needed heat on my bare skin.

He texts me repeatedly, anxious and impatient for my arrival. Every text that invades the silence of the cold night, buzzing relentlessly between my thighs, gets me closer and closer to the point of no return.

I get to the hotel; the valet is full and no personnel in sight. I can’t imagine starting to look for my own parking spot. Hot and bothered, I want to leave my car right there and run into the quiet lobby so I can finally land in his bed.

I gather my things. A second later the valet shows up, taking his sweet time.

I gust through the lobby, just a few steps left until I get to room 101.

When he opens the door I’m already drenched. I fall into his arms and close my lips on his, in a luscious, passionate kiss.

We stand there kissing for what feels like blissful eternity. I slowly take his hand and slide it under my little black dress. His eyes light up as he expected the sensation of silk and received my bare, hot cunt, wide open and eager for his touch.

He caresses my clit; I moan in pleasure. My hands trace every angle in his body, he’s still fully clothed and I’m almost naked and exposed under my petite dress. He begins pushing his fingers deep inside my wet hole, starting with a single penetrating finger and slowly extending his grip, widening inside me, opening me up to his touch. My wetness slides over his jeans, tainting him with my insatiable flow. I push him over on the bed; the cover is still neatly tucked in, but I am consumed with desire, nonchalant about a fresh sheet under my naked body.

He peels off my little dress and grabs my large breasts in his small hands, struggling to cover them, aiming to rip them off my chest, as if to own them, to own me. I collapse onto him, kissing his head, his chest.

“Sit on my face, baby,” he orders me. I gladly oblige and surrender to that wet, tingling sensation.

He positions me slowly against his tender, soft lips. His hands hold me firmly, closing on my ass as if to prevent any attempt to move or direct his motion. His lips cover every inch of my wet hole, I cover his chin and mouth with my moist desire, aiming to explode right in his face. He proceeds to pleasure me; his strong fingers penetrate my holes, covering every spot of pleasure between my thighs. I’m leaning back, hypnotized and overwhelmed, focusing solely on his enchanting, naughty tongue. It invades me with such intensity, almost sneaking up on me, as if to shock me out of my planned orgasm, only to introduce me to a new sensation. He rocks his tongue in and out of me.

“I want to feel your cock in my mouth,” I whisper in his ear, he smiles and murmurs “not yet, soon…”

He throws me down onto the bed, turns me around in his preferred position and proceeds to shove his fingers inside me, licking my clit, reaching and closing his fingers, his lips, his tongue, on my nipples, my ass, my pussy.

I ache in pleasure. “You are so fucking beautiful, Hagar, I just want to devour you,” he whispers in my ear.

I arch my back; run my short fingernails against his sides and back. He groans and speeds his motion.

I’m completely consumed by him, hot and bothered, capitulating entirely to his touch.

“Please fuck me, fuck me hard, I can’t take it any longer,” I beg and plead.

He smiles in satisfaction, “I guess you’re ready, gorgeous…you want me? Are you ready for my cock to tear your little tight pussy apart? Are you ready to be taken for a joy ride that might leave you sore tomorrow?” I nod my head and whimper.

“I’m coming in,” he whispers, seductively.

He lifts my leg straight and flexible over his shoulder, leaning his entire weight against my body. The exhausting years of strenuous acrobatic training that I took as a young child turned out to be useful – I’m entertaining my mind with that thought between one stroke and another.

He penetrates me strenuously, deep. His cock is driving to take over my entire core, to touch my womb. He thrusts harder and faster inside me, as I push my hips against his, complementing my tempo to his careful, educated motion.

“I want to hear you cum, I want to feel and hear you explode inside me,” I whisper and gasp, looking straight in his eyes, insisting on keeping constant eye contact throughout this entirely erotic, almost religious experience.

If I listen closely and carefully, I’m sure I’ll be able to hear the sound of heaven’s gates opening for my climax. An elusive memory astounds me in the midst of it, a diaphanous recollection of a Proverbs phrase stating ‘A merry heart doeth good like a medicine’… I can attest to it in every beat of my racing heart!

He looks at me; his eyes ignite and fire up as he groans and shoots a warm gush of sweet load into my gaping pussy. I accompany his eruption with my own sweet cum, a deluge of strenuous, charging sensation has us falling together hugging and kissing into a restful well-earned sleep.

Dr. Limor Blockman, Jewrotica's new Author and Cultural Outreach Director, is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Dr. Limor holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, a Master’s in Public Health & Community Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.