Preparing For Your Event

A105 preparing for your event


We are excited to work with you to create a Jewrotica program that is edgy, sophisticated, thought-provoking, and memorable! This page will help you prepare for our event together.


Publicity Flyers


Professionally-designed & easily customizable event flyers are available to you. Feel free to check out the:



Publicity Images


Feel free to use a high-resolution version of the Jewrotica logo to publicize your event.


Materials and Preparation


If your campus is running an Evening of Jewrotica: Bedside Reading event, please be in touch directly with our team to select the performance pieces and event themes. A selection of Jewrotica sample readings can be found here [downloadable link]. Following this conversation and consultation, our team will send you the pieces for students to prepare.

For all events, please print the Jewrotica Confession Cards Half Sheet [downloadable link] and have pens available. Ideally, there should be one card available for each participant.

For all events, please print a handful of the 1/8-sheet Jewrotica Flyers [downloadable link].

For the Sex in the Jewish Tradition and Kedoshim Tehiyu programs, please also have blank paper and pens available.


Publicity Wording


Be sure to spread the word in your institution’s bulletin, e-blast and social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Website) about the event. Please let us know when you create a Facebook event and we will share it on our Jewrotica social media! Feel free to use the wording below as a template for your event:


An Evening of Jewrotica: Bedside Reading
Day, Month X, 2013 at X PM
City, State
Presented by XYZ [Host Institution / Sponsors]

When Slam Poetry and Storytelling Get Sexy – Jewish Style

Join us for an evening of live Jewrotica readings, anonymous audience confessions and a scintillating address from Jewrotica. The event will feature smokin’ Jewrotica writings and swag, as well as original pieces from your peers. Suggested Attire: Your Favorite Pajamas or Negligee! For more information, visit



Sex in the Jewish Tradition: A Dynamic and Interactive Program
Day, Month X, 2013 at X PM
City, State
Presented by XYZ [Host Institution / Sponsors]

What was the Bible’s first role play? Who is the first recorded cougar in Jewish history? Which Biblical hero was really into S&M?

Join us for an afternoon of authentic conversation, reflection and wild stories you never knew from the Bible and Talmud. The event will feature a surprising and entertaining presentation from Jewrotica, as well as a dialogue on Jewish tradition and its relevance today. For more information, visit



Kedoshim Tehiyu: Sex Ed 101 Jewish-Style
Day, Month X, 2013 at X PM
City, State
Presented by XYZ [Host Institution / Sponsors]

What is the Jewish approach to sexuality? How is Judaism at all relevant to my personal life, and how can a thousands-year old tradition add value to my sex life?

Join us for a pluralistic presentation and discussion on sex in the Tanach, consent, communication and maximizing pleasure in sexual encounters. The event will feature an engaging and enlightening presentation from Jewrotica, as well as a lively conversation on Jewish tradition and its relevance today. For more information, visit




We encourage you to contact your local newspaper (Jewish or otherwise) about covering the event. With enough advance notice, you can arrange for an interview with a Jewrotica team member to be published prior to your event, giving you added publicity. Alternately, you can ask a journalist to cover the event itself. Campuses may wish to have their college paper cover the event, as well.


Technology Requirements


Please have a microphone available at your event (unless the intended audience is a fairly small / private group). We request that you have a laptop computer positioned at the entrance to the program for participants to sign-in. At the end of the program, attendees will be encouraged to leave a comment or testimonial on the computer.

Please recruit 1-2 volunteers to welcome participants and guide them through the registration / feedback process. (Participants will only receive one follow up e-mail from Jewrotica, thanking them for attendance and inviting suggestions.)

If you are hosting an Evening of Jewrotica: Bedside Reading event, the program will be enhanced by the presence of a projector and speakers for themed music and cool slides / trivia.

If possible, it is requested that a photographer or videographer be present at the event – either professional or an amateur volunteer from the campus or community. If any students or audience members feel comfortable offering a video testimonial following the event, we are in the midst of creating a promotional video for Jewrotica and would appreciate any interviews and positive statements.


Room Set-Up


For the Bedside Reading program, the ideal set-up includes a stage or raised platform with chairs facing the stage.

For the Sex in the Jewish Tradition and Kedoshim Tehiyu programs, please have chairs set up in a semi-circle.

We can accommodate individual requests, but we recommend publicizing that the doors will be closed ten minutes after the scheduled starting time. This “container-building” technique will allow us to create an intimate environment of trust and dialogue without the disruption of late-comers. This request is less relevant for the performance-based Bedside Reading and more relevant for the more interactive programs.




Transportation and accommodations are arranged by the hosting institution. Please be in touch with Jewrotica directly at to coordinate travel arrangements. When a team member is flying to an event, it is suggested that travel be coordinated in advance while airfare prices are low.



Payment is requested by bank transfer. Alternately, please make a check out to “A. Oppenheimer – Jewrotica” and either mail it to 19900 East Country Club Drive Apt. 416, Aventura FL 33180 or have the check ready at the event itself. If you are unsure of what amount to make the check out for or if the office requires an invoice, please be in touch and all relevant information will be provided.

Technically, there is a late fee for untimely payment, but we don’t want to have to use it! Instead, please provide us with the courtesy of timely payment. Thank you!

Any other questions? Feel free to be in touch with Jewrotica at

Thanks and looking forward!