Make Me Hurt

Written by returning guest contributor BJ Juneberry, “Make Me Hurt” is intended to trigger unpleasant emotions by highlighting the mistreatment of Zionists, lesbians, and bi-curious people by the LGBTQ members of the new left. Just as Allen Ginsburg wrote “10 Cuban Army Officers” to bring the abuse of gay men in the military to the public eye, Juneberry wrote “Make Me Hurt” to express how the marginalization and otherring of people by the new left can pressure victims to internalize the treatment until they feel like they deserve it. Total slavery is only possible when the slave learns to whip herself.
Rated XXX

Make Me Hurt


make me hurt
slap me
I’m a Jewess whore

cum on my face

fuck my tinny ass
make me lick it

pull my hair
slap me, toss me
in the corner
when you’re done

pee on me
leave me for your friends to fuck
like a jewess whore deserves

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