Celebrating 10 Years & Marking the End of An Amazing Project

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Jewrotica was founded in 2012 and was active for ten years through 2022.

During that time, we published hundreds of original pieces of content including funny stories, erotica, poetry, interviews, educational pieces, Torah commentaries, confessions and more.

We developed and facilitated dozens of workshops and events for JCCs, synagogues, Birthright, Jewish Federations and Israel Bonds as well as for Jewish teen and adult summer camps including Sex in the Jewish Tradition, Jewrotica: Bedside Reading and Kedoshim Tehiyu: Sex-Ed 101 Jewish-Style.

We were extensively featured and lauded by global media including Jezebel, Gawker, Freakonomics, Der Spiegel, the Morning Show and many publications both within and outside of the Jewish world.

Most importantly, we provided a platform, a community and a home for individuals across the Jewish spectrum and beyond to learn about and explore what the Jewish tradition has to say about relationships and sexuality. We created a fun, playful and respectful environment where our people could express themselves through writing, speaking and sharing experiences. Expression is the antidote to silence, ignorance and shame and we provided a powerful antidote.

Our writers – many with pen names – ranged from Ultra-Orthodox mothers of twelve in B’nei Brak to LGBTQIA+ Jewish activists and revolutionaries from San Francisco to everyone in between. We’ve had multiple rounds of volunteer leadership and editors and some who stayed with us the whole way through. Special thanks to Jewrotica’s founding co-partner and webmaster David Abitbol!

It’s been quite a ride and I’m glad that we were on it together. The writing will remain accessible here for another year while we explore a suitable place to archive our materials and we may choose to more broadly share some of the workshop materials as well.

Wherever you are, wherever you may go, take pride in who you are and what you do. Be kind, be authentic, be curious and enjoy the journey!

Light and Love,
Ayo Oppenheimer Abitbol
Founder, Jewrotica

Jewrotica is a spankin' new project with the power to provide a voice for Jewish sexual expression and meaningful conversation. Jewrotica is an online community-in-the-making and a database of delicious and grin-inducing Jewish stories and confessions. Join us!