The Rabbi’s Wife

A109 poem (2)

Written by BJ Juneberry. For more Jewrotica poetry by BJ, check out You’re Not Done Yet.

PG-13In the Bible, both adultery and male homosexuality seem clearly prohibited and subject to harsh punishment while lesbianism isn’t mentioned, likely because the latter doesn’t threaten male designated lineage. Regardless, both lesbians and lesbian adultery remain subject to strict secular cultural taboos and punitive laws in many countries.

The laws of “family purity” which dictate the sexual relations of married couples revolve around the wife’s menstrual cycle. While these laws have been embellished by custom, they are strictly followed in the various orthodox circles with their most common feature being the prohibition of sexual relations during the wife’s menstrual discharge. Sexual relations are considered desirous, even sanctified, after the woman purifies herself by immersion in a “mikva” or ritual bath. This sanctification is amplified on the Sabbath when the arrival of the Sabbath is compared to the arrival of a bride.

The Rabbi’s wife must take particular care in immersing, purifying and anointing herself and her lover in preparation for their “Sabbath” because of its holiness and also because of its disregard for cultural taboos.

The Rabbi’s wife

each has his own preparations for Sabbath:

he early in
the “mikva”

their 5 boys in “chedar”

the Rabbi’s wife undresses
lathers my
skin shaves
the week old stubble
from my body
with the straight razor
forbidden on a man’s face
washes my hair
immerses me
then anoints my skin
with oils while I kneel in the tub

I watch from across the room
while she repeats each step
until she kneels and offers me the oils

after her anointment she brushes
my long hair
while sitting in the armchair

as I’m drawn down
she curls my hair around her fingers places one leg over
the chair’s stuffed arm
spreads my hair across her thighs
presses my lips against her
then invites me
to recite
my weekly blessings

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