The Good Stuff

This is where you can find the good stuff!  Our writing falls into seven different categories:

1.  Romantic – All paperback novelists have to start somewhere. From long conversations under the stars to the tale of a sailor rescuing a passenger from a villain, these romantic stories will warm your heart.

2.  Awkward – Not every love story goes smoothly. Sometimes, reality interferes. That’s OK. These awkward stories are true to life even though they are fictional. They will make you smile at the learning experiences that turn people into experienced lovers.

3.  Naughty – Forget about being nice. These naughty stories contain the events you can’t mention at the office party. From the married couple trying to become parents to the newly introduced foursome overcoming physical logistics, these stories will make your heart beat faster and your loins ache for more.

4.  Confessions – Everyone has moments that cannot be told at the synagogue’s kiddush. These true stories about viewers’ love lives are a window into average experience. Read them to discover what the neighbors are doing. Perhaps your own daydreams are more normal than expected.

5.  Reflections – The Jewish community revives itself in each generation. Careful reflection is part of that process. These reflections consider community aspects from Jewish traditions and customs to gentile laws and social norms. Read them to stimulate debate.

6.  Resources and Reviews – Looking for advice about sex? These resources and reviews include topics from Torah commentary to science based tips for anal sex.

7.  Poetry – When prose is too limiting to invoke an appropriate mood, poetry speaks directly to the soul. Read these poems to make you feel new things.

Every piece of writing is tagged (e.g. Hebrew School, Summer Camp, European Jewry, Orthodox Community, etc.) to describe the writing’s content in more detail.  No graphic pictures are used.

Also, in order to be sensitive to our diverse audience, each piece of writing is rated and correspondingly tagged for your reading convenience. Minors should have a parent reading with them and stick to the PG material if they view this website. You can sort pieces by rating as follows:

PG pieces are considered to be appropriate for all adult audiences

PG-13 pieces may reference kissing and touching and include mild sexual jokes.  PG-13 pieces are considered to be appropriate for most adult audiences

R pieces may reference sex directly and may contain descriptions of explicit sexual scenarios.  R pieces are considered to be appropriate for many adult audiences XXX pieces contain explicit content and graphic detail.  XXX pieces may reference non-traditional sexual practices including kink and BDSM.  These pieces push boundaries and are considered appropriate for some adult audiences reading in privacy

Please note that posts under the Confessions category are quite short and audience-generated.  These pieces are unrated.