North America, Here We Come!


Rated PGLast month, we celebrated Jewrotica’s 4-year anniversary(!!), marking the publication of 700+ original pieces of writing on our website as well as dozens of successful events, programs and workshops throughout North America, Israel and even Australia. This calls for a celebratory tour!!

Jewrotica will be kickin’ it on both coasts in the coming months with multiple events in Washington DC, San Diego California and possibly in New Mexico and Arizona!

For Jewrotica fans hailing from DC or San Diego, we’ll see you real soon!

Jewrotica: Bedside Reading
Hosted by EntryPointDC at the DCJCC (Facebook Event Here)
December 7, 2016

Jewrotica: Sex in the Jewish Tradition
Hosted by EntryPointDC at the DCJCC as Part of the B’Shert 2.0 Adulting Series
January 2017 (Flyer and FB event coming soon!)

Jewrotica: Kedoshim Tehiyu (and Meet’n’Greet with Jewrotica Founder Ayo Oppenheimer)
Hosted by the San Diego Jewish Federation and NextGen San Diego at the Leichtag Ranch
February 12, 2017 (Flyer and FB event coming soon!)

We invite the rest of y’all to check out our workshops page as well as a PDF of our 2017 offerings, and be in touch to bring Jewrotica to a campus, community or synagogue near you!

Light and Love,
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