What is Jewrotica?

Jewrotica is a pluralistic and sex-positive organization that explores the intersection of Judaism and sexuality, relationships, gender and body image through essays, literature, erotica, Torah commentary and in-person programming. We offer educational workshops as well as edgier evening programs featuring live Jewrotica readings. We have received rave reviews in the media and (following a successful premier Jerusalem) lead events in the USA.

In short, Jewrotica is fresh, sophisticated and thought-provoking. We are a guilty pleasure in-the-making with the power to provide a voice for Jewish sexual expression, a forum for meaningful learning and conversation, and an opportunity for Jewish engagement in a new and exciting way.

There is no nudity or pornography on Jewrotica.


Why does Jewrotica exist?

There tends to be a dichotomy between two types of Jewish populations: One that has absorbed the sex-negative message of a Christian diaspora, is reticent about sexuality and does not offer any education on the subject, and another that has taken on secular western culture and no longer believe that Judaism has anything to teach them about relationships or sexuality. Jewrotica exists to start a conversation with both of these groups. Phrased differently, Jewrotica exists to bring sex to Judaism but also Judaism to sex.


    – Provides a voice and a platform for Jewish sexual expression
    – Offers a new twist on Jewish learning and engagement
    – Creates and contributes to the growing body of quality Jewish erotic literature
    – Educates on sexual health, relationships and Jewish tradition
    – Brings something new to the scene with edgy and playful entertainment and programming

Damn, that logo is sexy.

Yeah, it is. You can appreciate the logo for just being a hot and arousing visual, but there’s actually a deeper meaning.

The male and female silhouettes are Adam and Eve, who frolicked carefree in the Garden of Eden in nothing but their birthday suits. When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, the pair became aware of their sexuality, embarrassed of their nudity and proceeded to cover themselves with the proverbial fig leaf.

By replacing the fig leaves with Stars of David, we ask: Are we to be embarrassed about our sexuality, or are we not? Further, how – if at all – do our Jewish heritage, culture and values inform our sexual ethics and expression?

We welcome you to the conversation.

I hear that you really have erotica on this site. But… isn’t erotica dirty?

No! Yes. Well, it depends.

Judaism prides itself on being a “sex positive” religion that embraces sexuality. Sex is not viewed as inherently dirty, and communities across the globe draw their lines in different places when determining what are and are not appropriate forms of sexual expression.

Parts of this site contain erotica whereas other parts offer thoughtful reflections, educational content or even romantic tales. The educational pieces, sweet stories and reflections are just as important a part of Jewrotica as the more raunchy material, and – with the kickoff of our events and workshops in Spring 2013 – Jewrotica is so much more than just a website or writing genre.

We realize that there are sensitivities to be mindful of and boundaries to respect. Therefore, there will be no explicit pictures included on Jewrotica, and a rating and category system have been implemented that allow users to feel comfortable maintaining their propriety… or alternately having a late-night raunchy read when no one else is looking.

What is your posting schedule?

We offer a wide variety of content on Jewrotica. New material is posted on the first week of each month. Enjoy reading here, and spread the word!!

How did Jewrotica get started?

In 2011, Jewrotica editor Ayo Oppenheimer sought a way to bridge Jewish culture, tradition and values with a mature, reflective and at times mischievous sex-positive discourse on relationships, romance and sexuality.

Ayo began holding informal workshops and conversations and developing materials on enhancing physical intimacy in the Jewish community. Jewrotica, in its current form, was envisioned in early 2012 and Jewrotica.org was launched to the public in October of that year.

Who’s behind the project?

Lots of people! Check out our geographically, educationally and religiously diverse rockstar team.

Our advertisers have included the JCC in Manhattan, Hebrew Union College and the Technion. Our host institutions for Jewrotica programming have included Yale University and the Jewlicious Festival.

What does Jewrotica offer?

Jewrotica offers quality writing, lively conversation, and wicked swag online. The Jewrotica team can present smart, sexy and sophisticated workshops and social events in your community at a reasonable price.

What should I know about Jewrotica events and workshops?

Jewrotica is a pluralistic and inclusive organization with a wide range of educational and social programming offerings. Some of our programs are teen-friendly, whereas other programs are more appropriate for adults. All are classy and fun, with a uniquely Jewish educational twist.

In January 2013, we held a special Jewrotica preview for a group of young adults (20s-40s) in Jerusalem. The event was received with much praise. If Jewrotica can succeed in Jerusalem, it can be a hit anywhere!

Who is the target audience?

Everyone. Jewrotica is geared toward the Jewish community, but welcomes audiences from all backgrounds. We have published submissions from writers as young as 18 and as mature as 84.

Jewrotica programs are open to all. Our foundational workshop, Kedoshim Tehiyu – Sex Ed 101 Jewish-Style, is most fitting for teenage through young professional audiences. Our educational workshops, including “Sex in the Jewish Tradition” and ” Sex in the 21st Century – Is Judaism Still Relevant?”, are appropriate for teen through adult audiences and can be tailored based on group needs. Our Evening of Jewrotica events feature live Jewrotica readings and tend to be a bit racier. These programs are best suited toward college groups and adult audiences.

If you are under 18 and are visiting this website, pretend this is a movie and stick to the PG and PG-13 stuff, okay?  Thank you!

What are the guidelines for submission?

We’re delighted that you are interested in sharing your writing with us.

Check out the submission guidelines here.

How does the rating system work?

Excellent question.

In order to be sensitive to our diverse audience, each piece of writing is rated for your reading convenience as PG (for all audiences), PG-13 (for teenagers and adults), R (for adults only) or XXX (for adults reading in their bedrooms only). Anyone under the age of 18 should have a parent reading along while viewing this site.

How can I get involved?

So glad you asked! There are many great ways to get involved in Jewrotica.

Check ’em out here.