Jewrotica Fantasies – Danielle

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Danielle is the second post in a series of Jewrotica Fantasies.  These fantasies, belonging to Jewish women and men, have either been submitted directly to Jewrotica or compiled from certified sex therapists – including our own Dr. Limor – with the permission of the clients involved.  Check out our first post in the Jewrotica Fantasies series: Lilith.

rating_xxxA friend of mine told me about a well-established producer holding auditions in his house. I have been an aspiring actress since high school, so naturally this opportunity seemed just right for me.

For the sake of disclosure, I DO realize that given the audition’s taking place at his house, it probably has to do with more than reading lines, but…

The GPS takes me to his address. I check my makeup in the mirror and tell myself: “You’ll ace it, this is nothing, walk in the park.”

As I approach the front gate, I hear sounds from the backyard. The voyeur in me can’t help it and I’m forced to sneak quietly and take a peek.

I lean against the wall to avoid being seen and can’t believe my eyes: four very sexy women, two blonde, one brunette and one black, are playing insane sexual pleasuring games together.

The two blondes have the brunette wide open on the floor next to the pool; they’re caressing her large breasts, licking her nipples and alternately massaging her wet pussy that looks engorged and sensitive. The left blonde shifts her lips, kisses the brunette passionately, and signals her “accomplice” to take charge of the brunette’s upper body, as she slowly crawls down, intensely licking her bottom lips, pushing her fingers in her quivering holes. The brunette growls and moans uncontrollably, as “team blonde” keeps pleasuring her curvaceous body.

After a while, bottom blonde jumps up and quickly walks toward the cabana. The black girl is playing with a large vibrator, pushing it in hard into her cunt while glaring at the playing trio. She appears blurry eyed and very close to an orgasm, as she rubs her nipples and moans.

I’m so turned on and soaking wet at this point, that I sit myself down on the ground, take off my thong and start playing with my clit: I can’t control it! I’m totally heterosexual, but this female on female act is driving me up the wall, and I just want to be taken by these women.

Dominant blonde returns with a huge butt plug. The brunette raises her body, kissing both women, and gets on all fours, spreading her sizzling thighs apart.

The blondes are kissing, checking the wetness of their play object down on the floor, and spray the plug with what seems like a scented oil lubricant. Dominant blonde starts pushing the plug into the brunette’s tight ass, as her partner caresses her clit to ease penetration. The brunette squirms in agonizing pleasure, shifting her behind back towards the enormous plug splitting her ass apart. The black woman, loving the new act, notes “Oh yes, fuck her tight ass, please fuck her hard.” She finishes with a glorious orgasm.

The brunette is more comfortable and wide now, craving that big dildo, as “team blonde” speeds up penetration.

I lie on the dirt, grabbing my nipples and caressing my swollen clit till I can’t take it! I’m just about to cum, as I notice them pulling the plug out of the brunette’s tight hole. Her ass is gaping with anticipation as they admire it and lick it for the finale. This visual sends me over the edge and I cum, gasping quietly, holding my immense need to scream with pleasure.

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Dr. Limor Blockman, Jewrotica's new Author and Cultural Outreach Director, is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Dr. Limor holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, a Master’s in Public Health & Community Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.