Submission Guidelines

UPDATE: As of January 2023, we are no longer accepting new submissions.  We’ll be in touch soon to let you know where the Jewrotica content will be housed and where you can direct your work.

So, you want to write for Jewrotica?  Rockin’.  We want to read your stuff and share it with the world.  But first, check out our submission guidelines:

1)  All submissions should be directed to this page for consideration

2)  At the start of your piece, please include:

    • Your name (or pen name)
    • Title of the submission
    • Word count: Submission should be between 200 and 2,000 words long.
    • Category:  Romantic, Awkward, Confession, Naughty, Reflection, Review / Resource or Poetry
    • A tag for the number and gender of participants in any romantic or erotic posts: m, t, w, ww, wm, wt, mm, mt, mw, tt, tmm, tww, mww, wmm, mtw
    • Suggested Rating: PG (for all audiences), PG-13 (for teenagers and adults), R (for adults only) or XXX (for adults reading in their bedrooms only)
    • If anonymity is desired
    • If you are a first-time writer of erotica, romance or relationship pieces

3) Jewrotica is meant to be fun, raunchy, enlightening, educational and interesting – but not slanderous.  This is not a forum for lashon hara (gossip) and we forbid the use of real names in your writing.

4)  All submissions must have some Jewish element – whether it is a reflection about the Jewish community, a Jewish text study, a crazy story or rendezvous involving at least one Jewish person, or a confession of an illicit tryst at Jewish summer camp.  Not that anyone has done that.  🙂

5)  By submitting your writing, you understand that Jewrotica reserves the right to edit and use all submissions for online, print, workshop or other use.  Authors will always be acknowledged (unless anonymity is requested). While you can publish elsewhere, we do ask you to notify us and to ask the other publication to note ‘This piece first appeared on” with a link back.

6)  Writing erotica, stories and reflections comes naturally to some people and less naturally to others.  Though we strive for a high quality of writing at Jewrotica, no experience is required to submit a piece of writing,  Submitting your work does not guarantee that it will be published, however we promise a judgment-free read and are looking to include as many stories, backgrounds, perspectives and submissions as possible.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to get back in touch with you within three weeks!