About Jewrotica

Jewrotica is a pluralistic and inclusive organization that has space for individuals of all religious backgrounds and sexual orientations. It is a guilty pleasure and an opportunity to engage in and create new Jewish text. We offer a wide variety of content on Jewrotica. New posts are published on the first week of every month. We welcome viewers to submit material once, a few times, or on a regular basis. The content on our website varies from entertaining erotica to relationship and sex ed resources for the Jewish community

Jewrotica does not endorse the content or perspectives of its writers. If you have an issue with an author’s submission, we invite you to take it up in the comments section.  Conversation is encouraged. We have an online community to bring the discussion to social media. Jewrotica workshops are live events we can run in your city or town.

The website launched on October 10th 2012 and the Jewrotica team continues to pour their love, whimsy, time, skill, intellect, tact and raw sexual energy into making the online and real life Jewrotica experience an exciting place to explore Jewish sexuality. For more information on Jewrotica, check out our FAQ.