Jewrotica Fantasies – Rebecca

A126 Rebecca

Rebecca is the fourth post in a series of Jewrotica Fantasies. These fantasies, belonging to Jewish women and men, have either been submitted directly to Jewrotica or compiled from certified sex therapists – including our own Dr. Limor – with the permission of the clients involved. Check out our others posts in the Jewrotica Fantasies series: Danielle and Hadassah.

rating_xxxI have been living in my apartment for two years now, but for some reason, even in this new, beautiful building, the construction never ends.

The one thing about the construction that I never find aversive, to say the least, is the sexy presence of construction workers. Something about a strong man in a hard hat always titillates me…

I get in the elevator with Joe, Mark and Jason. They’re all dressed in their heavy gear, greeting me as I nod my head, smile and stand in front of them. I have fantasized about each and every one of them so many times, it almost feels like they can read my mind. I’m wearing my low-cut, back-revealing blouse, and I’m thinking: my semi nudity will excite them without exposing my extreme arousal, as I brush against Joe’s arm entering the elevator. They, like gentlemen, allow me to exit first. I drop one side of my blouse and reveal a tanned shoulder. Mark sighs just loud enough for me to hear it…

As I walk in the garage, my panties are already drenched. I’m checking my watch: I have an hour to get to work. I have to make a choice – either a quick pleasuring session in my car, or a relaxing cup of coffee – but after this elevator ride, the choice is clear.

I’m getting in my car, lowering my seat to get comfortable and checking the garage.

“Good, I’m all alone.” Tinting my windows was probably my best gift this year, given the fact that these guys have been keeping me so hot and bothered lately. I pull my little pink rabbit out of the glove compartment and pull down my jeans.

I’m so wet, I don’t even need to lubricate my throbbing hole. The rabbit slides in smoothly and closes tightly on my engorged clit. I choose my favorite elevator fantasy to get myself going:

I enter as I did this morning. The three Gods of sexual healing are standing there, flashing their hot, tanned arms and sweaty chests. Mark reaches over and turns a key, the elevator stops between floors. Joe, my favorite, runs his rugged hand down my shivering back, coming closer and kissing my neck.

“You know where this is going, baby, don’t you?” He whispers in my ear. My nipples are about to tear my blouse, my heart races as I nod, breathless…

Jason pushes himself over and stands in front of me, slipping his hands under my blouse, grabbing my breasts and pinching my eager nipples.

“Oh honey, I think you’re ready for us, right? Just relax sweetheart, we’ll take good care of you,” he promises as he unzips my jeans, not taking his eyes off mine. Joe starts peeling my blouse, exposing and caressing my breasts.

Mark is smiling as he pulls out a very large erection, and starts caressing his shaft. “You are even hotter than we imagined, darling,” he compliments me and speeds his thrust.

Jason gets down on his knees and pushes my soaked thong aside.

“Look at this beautiful, wet hole, how excited are you now, honey?” He is shoving two fingers into my quivering vagina. I’m so turned on, I just want to scream and beg him to fuck me. He plays with my swollen clit, pushing his fingers in and out of me, then peels my panties off and starts lavishly licking my wetness. His stubbly, semi-bearded face is soaked in my juices. He seems to enjoy it immensely – but not nearly as much as I do. I’m just about to cum, when Joe decides to torture me and stops eating my pussy. I’m staring at him like a child that lost her favorite doll. “Don’t worry, princess, it’s better to extend your pleasure – you really think we’ll leave you hanging?”

Mark and Jason place me comfortably on the elevator floor, and rotate positions. Now Mark is in charge of my clitoral pleasure. He’s doing a very good job. Jason and Joe get down on their knees, placing their enormous erections close to my eager mouth.

“Oh God, boys, I can’t wait to swallow both of you, I have been fantasizing about tasting you for so long.”

Joe is super excited, thrusting his shaft fast. I grab both of their cocks in my hands and start rotating them in my mouth, occasionally fitting both of them together to the best of my capacity. My mouth is small and they find it thrilling, watching me struggle with their large erections.

I’m shoving my rabbit harder in my hole, pulling its power all the way to the top. I’m just about to cum wildly as an alarming knock on the tinted window throws me off my upcoming, much-anticipated orgasm.

It’s him, it’s Joe… and it turns out he has been watching me for awhile. Now what?

I pull out my wet rabbit and place it under my seat. I pull down my blouse and crack open the window, looking all flushed and breathing heavily.

“Hi Joe, what’s up?” Part of me hoping to make this go away, while another is craving his beautiful big cock inside me.

“Oh Rebecca, you know we’re way past pleasantries, right? Come out of the car, we’re alone here…”

The way he utters my name gets me even more aroused. The deep throbbing sensation reminds me of my USY escapades with Guy, the sexy guy with whom I had explored the initial bloom of my orgasm, back in my sweet teenage years.

I must be crazy: I do as he orders. We’re standing very close, our bodies almost touch. I can smell his sweet aftershave.

“I know you want me, baby, and you definitely know you make my cock hard every time you swing that delicious, sexy body by. So what do you say: forget masturbating in the car and let me fuck you senseless?”

Oh, well, now that he put it so subtly, I nod positively, whispering “please fuck me” in his ear.

“Get down on your knees, sugar, I’m going to fuck your mouth!”

I oblige quickly – this only makes me more excited! I have been robbed out of my “almost climax” twice now, but this agonizing anticipation is glorious to me…

He pulls his big erection out of his pants. I place it firmly in my small hands and start licking his throbbing head, putting it in my mouth, on my lips, playing it with my tongue while caressing his scrotum. He gasps in pleasure. I feel him growing in my hands. I start eating him, pushing his huge head deep inside my mouth and throat.

“Oh baby, you’re so good, take me all the way in, don’t stop!!” I play with him, pulling him out and then quickly placing him back in the moist warmth of my mouth, consuming him almost completely. “I would love to cum in your mouth honey, but I know I stopped you mid pleasure, so I’ll be fair.”

I keep shoving his erection in my mouth until he forces me to stop. He grabs my charged body, peels down my jeans and throws me on the hood of the car.

“Let me devour this beautiful pussy of yours…”

He starts pleasuring me, his tongue going up and down my swollen lips, enveloping my clit. His hands find my breasts, pinch my nipples and caress my entire flushed body.

I can’t stand it anymore. I need to feel him inside me.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” his strong arms turn me around swiftly. He positions me on the hood, shoving his fingers in my extremely wet hole, opening me up some more with a wet finger in my anus. I gasp with anticipation as he cleaves my quivering pussy with his enormous cock.

“Fuck me, baby, oh god, I’ve been craving this for so long!” I scream.

“Take it honey, take my ten inches all the way, that’s right, just sate in it gorgeous.”

We cum together, wet fluids cover our thighs. He picks me up, kisses me passionately and places me slowly on my feet. I’m floating…

Dr. Limor Blockman, Jewrotica's new Author and Cultural Outreach Director, is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Dr. Limor holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, a Master’s in Public Health & Community Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.