Deborah and Aviva, Part I

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Written by Dirty Di.  For more writing by Dirty Di, check out Astray.

‘Yes boss, I’m on the mic
I’ll try to give you what you like
I can be soft, I can be hard
Let me do the B part, please. Please.’

Hess Is More – ‘Yes Boss’


Rated R

“No, you can’t do that, Nathan Ghaiman,” Aviva said to her husband over the phone, her forbidding tone and use of his full name indicating trouble. “You can’t just decide that by yourself. There are regular channels to do these things.”

A pause.

“Yeah, whatever, bye.” She hung up the phone, exasperated, then looked at Deborah, who was sitting in front of her, and smiled.

“You must think I’m a monster,” Aviva said. “But someone has to organize this company. Otherwise, it’s chaos all over!”

Deborah didn’t think her boss was a monster, actually– quite the opposite. She enjoyed when Aviva fought with her husband, not because she didn’t like him, but because she liked her. A lot. Aviva fighting with her husband–and with anyone, for that matter–was just plain sexy. She was glorious when pissed off.

Deborah had been working with the Ghaimans less than a month, and she was already falling for her boss. She had this annoying habit of falling in love with anybody that held any authority over her: bosses, rabbis, teachers, you name it, but it usually took a little more time. She was falling in love with Aviva far earlier than expected.

“…and I swear I will kill him one of these days if he keeps up like this. He is so stubborn! I don’t think– Hey, Deborah! Are you listening? God, you are just like him!” Aviva complained, and dove back to her computer.

Deborah jumped out of her seat, raised her eyes from her boss’ bosom and nodded with conviction, trying with all her might not to blush, but Aviva had stopped paying attention to her long before.

Off limits. So very off limits, she thought while composing herself.

Of course Deborah was just like Aviva’s husband. Nathan would die for her without even blinking, and the way he stared at her with those moony eyes and that lopsided smile made you believe in love… even after all those years of marriage. Deborah understood the poor Nathan far too well; Aviva was captivating in every possible way.

Deborah was now going through the absolute and undeniable infatuation phase. Smitten by Aviva’s every move, every word, every outfit, Deborah was classifying and archiving all the information she could gather about her tantalizing boss.

Aviva lingered in every one of Deborah’s thoughts. She wasn’t alarmed, though–she was used to it. Give it a few weeks, maybe months, and everything would go back to normal, including her hormones.

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