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A138 AvDeII

Written by Dirty Di. This piece is the continuation of “Deborah and Aviva, Part I”. For more writing by Dirty Di, check out Astray.

Rated PG-13She looked at the envelope suspiciously. Who sent mail, like, physical mail, nowadays?

She stared at the content of the envelope not sure of how she was supposed to react. After almost a year, this was it. Was it a joke? Some kind of revenge for not keeping in touch? Or worse, was it real?

As force of habit, she grabbed her phone and was halfway dialing when she realized it wouldn’t work; Deborah couldn’t call international from it. So she did the next best thing and wrote an e-mail.

I don’t understand.

No subject, no body text aside from those three words.

She stared at the screen as if expecting an immediate answer. Don’t be stupid. It’s three in the morning there; she’s not going to answer you now.

Despite that, she stood there a few more minutes, just in case.

And it came.

Hi to you too; was her answer. She could hear Aviva’s sarcasm in her head.

I’m sorry, hi. But I still don’t understand.

What don’t you understand?

Everything. The envelope. Why? Why now?

Why not?

Aviva, I’m serious.

A couple of minutes passed without an answer.

I miss you. Please come.

I don’t think this is a good idea.

Can we talk it over? Live and direct?

That would defeat the whole purpose.

Please. Just say yes.


Is that a yes?

Yes. Yes it is.

See you on the 21st. Bye.


Deborah stared at it yet again. And the plane ticked it contained. Round trip to Barcelona, arriving there on May 21 and returning to Jerusalem 7 days after. That was one week away, so she better start packing.

Deborah was sure she’d never been so nervous in her entire life. She tripped and stumbled all the way to her seat in the plane, went to the bathroom about 12 times during the flight and almost forgot to claim her baggage when she arrived.

She wasn’t surprised when she found Aviva standing regally in the exit of Barcelona’s El Prat Airport already waiting for her.

They didn’t greet, didn’t hug, didn’t kiss. Just a muttered ‘come on’ from Aviva, leading her to the car that was waiting for them.

Deborah had no idea what to expect, thus she didn’t know how to react. So she admired the scenery all the way to the hotel, not daring to turn around and face her companion just yet.

She didn’t know what to do with herself. Her hands were fidgeting nervously, moving all over the place. When she felt Aviva’s hand cover hers, she caught a breath and exhaled it slowly. For the rest of the trip, their hands were entwined and, somehow, that made everything better.

Still silent, she followed Aviva all the way through the check-in and into their room.

“Welc—“ Aviva’s greeting was interrupted by Deborah’s fierce, unrelenting kiss.

She kissed her to make up all those months they’d been apart. She kissed her to let her know that even in the distance, she thought of her every second of every day. She kissed her to make clear that, no matter what happened, she never stopped loving her.

Aviva responded with equal force leading her to the bed in the center of the room. Without breaking the kiss, Deborah stripped Aviva of all her clothes, welcoming the night ahead of them.

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