Confession #20 – The Mistress

A197 mistressconfession

Rated RWhen most people hear the word Mistress they assume: a woman involved in an illicit affair with a married man. That is not what I am.

I am a nice Jewish girl, from a good home with a good education on a rising career path. I consider myself a secular cultural Jew and a contributing member to the Jewish community around me.

I am also a Mistress, a sexual Dominant, with a bit of a Switch side as well.

I am a person who will take pleasure in making you feel things physically and mentally you didn’t know you could feel, and I will love you and care for you in a way you didn’t know existed. Yes, I walk the fine line of pain and pleasure, of torture and ecstasy and of control and freedom. But if you are part of this lifestyle you understand how deep this kind of relationship can be, a relationship that is built on an elevated level of communication and trust.

Balancing both parts of my life is not a simple task. On one hand I am the sweet girl you would love to take home to your mother. On the other I am the woman who will tie you up, blindfold and gag you, and then proceed to push your pain and pleasure limits to new heights.

I can deal with it, but can you? I would love to meet your parents and your friends and yes, Shabbat dinner sounds lovely, but can you handle me sitting at the same table with everyone, especially after what I made you do last night?

Finding a partner that can handle this is a challenge, and although there is a Jewish kinky community nearby in LA, I am still struggling to find that nice Jewish guy I have chemistry with, someone I can take home to the Kibbutz, to my mom – but who is also someone I can play with at night in the comfort of the bedroom or on the weekends at the local dungeon.

I am not willing to give up on the idea that it is possible to balance both sides, to have a Jewish home and family as well as live a kinky lifestyle away from vanilla eyes. One day one person will be that link, that connector between both sides of my life. I hope that one-day is tomorrow.

Now the next time you hear the word Mistress, I hope you don’t envision an extramarital affair, but a nice Jewish girl with an affinity for handcuffs and whips who is looking for a nice Jewish guy with a kinky spark.

– Female, 27, Long Beach (CA)

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