Confession #21 – My Sexy Wife


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Rated RFor the last few months, I have been thinking about my wife with another man while I pleasure myself. The idea alone makes my climax very intense. I know it’s taboo, but when we go out dancing together or for drinks, I can’t help but notice how men look at her. She’s too hot not to notice. Especially in fishnets and high-heeled boots. I know when I first laid my eyes on her, I wanted to take her upstairs to my hotel suite and have my way with her.

When we first started dating, I was extremely turned on by her, and she knew exactly how to handle a man. I love an experienced women who’s not afraid to show it. Since the first blush of our romance, we have had a strong and always hot relationship that never gets boring. We share our kinky fantasies with each other openly and it’s very hot to hear how much she loves fantasizing about a younger man she knows from the gym. I wouldn’t want her to fuck him because the gym is in our community, but I would love to see her getting it good from a clean guy of her liking. I want him to feel how good she is at everything she does (orally, vaginally, and sex-addict-mentally).

My wife is very submissive, and my fantasies always end up at a random night on the town, during which we end up meeting a single man. I secretly tell him that I want him to start hitting hard and aggressive on my wife while I’m in the restroom or away from her side. I know her well and I know she will already be wet and really turned on when he makes his move. I’ll tell her that tonight she can feel the hot younger man if she wants to. But I have to be there, to participate in our erotic fantasies.

I highly doubt he will make it past the part where she swallows his cock without the slightest gag reflex, but that would be ok with me.

I know this is a little freaky, but I know I’m not the only one who fantasizes about having his wife be a slut (I mean this in the most sex-positive way) for just one night with a stranger that we will never see again.

My wife and I are Jewish – married under the chuppah, broke the glass, signed the ketubah – and I’ve often wondered, in my private fantasies, if it would matter whether the other man were Jewish. In some ways it would make me feel better if he were – someone similar to me might ease any residual fears that my wife isn’t attracted to me, or to my type. On the other hand, if he were too much like me, would I become superfluous? Would it defeat the purpose of finding a man to dominate my sexy wife?

Is there a particularly Jewish form of masochistic fantasy, in which a powerful gentile with a large cock satisfies and dominates a woman in a way that is unthinkable for the modestly-endowed, mild-mannered Jew? Is there a homoerotic dimension to this fantasy, or to the fact that I am turned on by another man fucking my wife?

Females reading, how should I approach this? Do I tell her how I have been thinking about this and that I want to make the fantasy a reality one night – OR don’t tell her and let it happen to her by secretly telling the guy what to do to her when I step away? Your feedback would be nice.

Males? Am I the only one who has thought about/done anything like this? If you have done this with your wife, was it hot and good for her and you? And are there any single men who have been proposed to participate in this fantasy with another man’s hot wife?

I know she would climax very nicely if she had a spontaneous fuck from a stranger while I help out. She is in touch with her body and has a healthy kinky side. I welcome your comments and please don’t judge. All hot sexy women with good appetite need different meat once in awhile and I want to see it happen. But for now it’s going to stay a hot fantasy of mine.

– Male, 36, New York (NY)

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