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Written by Leia. Leia is a first-time Jewrotica writer who was raised in an observant environment and still identifies as Sabbath-observant and traditional.

Scene I

rating_xxxThe girl in the red dress opened the door and paused at the entrance. She didn’t notice the way that the red dress she wore hugged her curves. And she didn’t realize the way that her nipples pressed through the fabric of her dress when hard. But everyone else did.

Her name was Layla. She had a sexy outside and wore a confidence that didn’t betray the innocence that was on the inside. Raised in a religious environment, Layla had never been in a place like this where pain became pleasure and pleasure became the currency of the night.

Though the most progressive and open-minded of all her friends, Layla had grown up in an insular community with the most vanilla of values. Layla married Josh, her first boyfriend, at nineteen who she had met at the tender age of twelve and started dating at just sixteen. Layla discovered her clitoris at 21, found her orgasm at 23 and was raised in a culture that forbade women from touching men prior to marriage. She loved her husband and he loved her, but they were both ready to take an evening’s field trip outside of their observant Jewish community to see what lay on the other side.

Here Layla stood at her first play party, her tichel now a scarf, her arms bare, her calves accentuated through the choice of her best Shabbat heels and at the cusp of a new world. Her husband went to work the door, collecting money and checking IDs in exchange for free entry to the exclusive event, and she was left with a choice: she could stay by his side for the next 2.5 hours or go off to explore on her own.

With a bit of trepidation, Layla began wandering the party and the kink scenes started to unfold.

There was a large room set with three different stages, carpeted areas primed for whatever scene the audience’s imaginations might create. To the right, a young college girl lay folded over a bench as a boy just a few years her senior began administering the spanks. Layla curled up on the couch opposite them, taking a front-row seat to the pleasure that was about to ensue. The man looked up, held her gaze for a minute, smiled and then administered a stinging spank to his partner’s ass – as if welcoming Layla to the scene. After all, in this world, voyeurism is participation.

Layla’s eyes widened and she found herself just a bit short of breath, vicariously living through this couple’s experience.

The girl on the bench squirmed and the squirms turned to moans as her partner began alternately spanking and fingering her – vigorously, forcefully, with intent. Layla subtly repositioned herself for a better angle of this new activity. Was he actually fingering her in front of all these people? Could you see her, you know…?

Layla felt the place between her legs moistening with each moan and, unsure how to feel about that, left the scene to wander around the party. She encountered a bit of flirtation directed toward her, introductions, a man hitting on her.

“I’m going to do horrible things to you and you are going to beg me to do them.”

Layla felt like young prey delighted to tease her predators and simultaneously terrified of what they might do to her.

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