Showing the House

Showing the House

Erotic Fiction by Saul Michelson

It was a late spring afternoon and we were at our vacation house. It was a warm sunny day and the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass was in the air.

I was standing in the bathroom when I heard their car pull up. I looked out the open window and saw the couple get out of their car and walk slowly and timidly toward our house. I was totally naked and the anticipation of these people seeing me that way was giving me a tremendous rush. I looked down at my penis. The Viagra which I had taken earlier had started to work now and my cock was filling out nicely. I felt that if I was going to show off my cock I wanted it to look as good as possible. I had a hairbrush in my hand and I was trying to fluff out my pubic hair when my wife Sharon walked in.

She was naked as well and she seemed both excited and nervous at the same time. I looked at the big nipples on her medium breasts and her hairy pussy and was especially excited to think that she too was about to be seen that way by others.

“I’m trying to fluff out my pubes,” I told her, thinking that she might find what I was doing to be silly.

“They’re here!” she replied excitedly as she grabbed the brush from my hand, quickly fluffed out her own pubic hair, and briefly looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the door to see how she would appear naked.

This had all started a couple of weeks earlier, just after Pesach. Our vacation house is on a cul-de-sac and surrounded by conservation land on three sides, so it is quite private. Sharon and I had been getting more and more into wandering around the house naked. Being naked in areas that we are not ordinarily that way was fast becoming a kinky turn on for us both. We began fantasizing about people seeing us that way. I know my wife wasn’t ready for anything public like a nude beach but perhaps something a bit more intimate.

I saw an ad posted on Craigslist where a guy was looking for nude beaches in our area. I replied and told him what I knew. We exchanged a few emails and it turned out that he was about my age, and he and his wife were interested in possibly buying some vacation property in the same area as our vacation home. I also found out that his interest in nude beaches was more about his and, interestingly, his wife’s newfound interest in voyeurism.

“Neither of us have beach bodies, and we are more interested in looking than showing,” he confided in me.

This of course got me thinking. We emailed a few more times, and he seemed like a decent fellow. His name was Mitch, and his wife is Cheryl. It turned out that they were pretty similar to Sharon and I in many ways. Not the least of which, it was apparent that they were Jewish as well.

After discussing this with Sharon, I invited Mitch and his wife to visit Sharon and me some time at our vacation home. Even though we had no intention of selling the place it could serve as model and give them a point of reference for their own real estate search. Mitch seemed genuinely appreciative as they were just starting out and wanted to get some ideas and visit various communities.

Then I dropped the bomb. I told him that my wife and I like to go around in our house naked a lot and that we find it kinky and exciting. I was certain from his response that he immediately understood what I was proposing. Without actually saying it, I knew we were on the same page. We set up a time for the following weekend for them to visit us and ‘see our house’. I sent detailed directions to our home.

Well today was the day, and this other Jewish couple was right in front of our house right now, and my wife and I were both very naked. Sharon and I both looked out the window at them.

They did look around our age. They were decent looking folks but think it would be fair to say that Sharon and I were a more attractive couple then they were. They both did look very Jewish too and sort of Heimish. The wife looked a bit frumpy and had sort of salt and pepper frizzy hair. I would describe her body as unremarkable to be kind. Her husband was sort of nerdy looking. He was short and balding with a bit of a gut. He was carrying a bottle of wine. She was holding a plate of something covered in shiny foil.

Despite appearances, something told me that we would like these people. The woman looked nervous, and I could see her tightly holding her husband’s hand and staying very close to him as they cautiously approached our front door.

I had never actually said anything directly to Mitch about Sharon and me being naked when they visited. I could tell now that they were not sure quite what to expect but clearly, they were anticipating something out of the ordinary.

I opened the front door but stayed back as to not be seen naked from the street. As our guests stood on our front landing I called out to them from inside of the house.

“The door is open come on in.”

The screen door squeaked with that characteristic sound they make as I opened it and the couple entered our house.

“Hello?” Mitch called out as they both cautiously stepped inside. I saw his eyes go to the silver mezuzah on the door frame.

I then took a deep breath and stepped out naked in front of them both.

“Mitch?…Hi…welcome. Did you have any trouble finding us?” I said trying to sound as if nothing was out of the ordinary to be standing there in front of them fully naked with my semi-erect penis in full view.

Even though they had potentially expected this, they both looked a bit shocked to see me naked for real. The woman was clearly blushing with embarrassment, but I could see her eyes go immediately to my crotch and her eyes widened.

“No…um…your directions were…um… good.” Mitch replied. I could hear the tension in his voice as he and I shook hands.

Just then my fully naked wife emerged from the hallway. ‘’Hi,” she said with a big smile. “I’m Sharon. It’s so nice to meet you.”

She too was trying to act as it is was somehow normal to greet guests in her home with full frontal nudity.

This time Mitch’s eyes widened as he looked directly at Sharon’s breasts and her hairy vagina. His wife Cheryl, instinctively put her hand over her mouth as she realized that we were both actually going to be naked there.

But she quickly removed her hand as not to betray her surprise that Sharon and I were fully undressed in their presence. I could tell that she was trying her best to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary although clearly it was.

I felt a huge thrill deep in my gut as I stood naked in front of these fully dressed strangers. I could see the look in Sharon’s eyes that she was feeling something similar. Besides this tremendous thrill of displaying myself naked, seeing these strangers look at my wife’s naked body was giving me another huge rush.

Mitch handed me the bottle of wine and said, “It’s Kosher from the Golan.” I showed it to Sharon who said, “Pinot Grigio, my favorite. Thanks so much!”

Cheryl handed the foil covered plate to Sharon and told her as she took the wine into the kitchen. “I made some mandel bread.”

“Oh thanks. I love mandel bread! I’m sure it is delicious,” Sharon replied.

“I hope it wasn’t too much of a schlep to get here. I know the traffic is starting to get bad,” I said to Mitch.

“No. It really wasn’t that bad,” he answered.

We showed them around our home and they complimented us on it. I think they genuinely liked the place and Cheryl told me that they were looking for something quite like our house. Sharon offered to introduce them to some realtors Lynchburg (and in other places), as well as our own realtor if they were interested. Even though we were not selling our home, we had offered to show this couple our home as a sort of model since they were new to the local market. After this, they can approach the realtors we introduced them to or a Charlotte real estate agent, depending on where they want to relocate, in order to shortlist the home of their dream.

As the four of us tried to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary for Sharon and I to be entertaining guests in our home totally naked, it was clear that this couple was enjoying our more than a little immodest display. I could see how they were both looking more at our bodies than our house. Even though this couple was actually interested in local real estate, we all knew that this was a pretext, after all, for this couple to see us naked. Cheryl and Mitch seemed more than happy to play along with our little charade.

Sharon and I didn’t know how we might react to exhibiting ourselves this way. We are an older couple ourselves, and although we are certainly not buff we are in decent shape for our age. Here we were shamelessly displaying our naked bodies as well as all of our physical imperfections to this strange couple, and that excited us both in a strange way.

The reality of it was that this was quickly becoming a very big turn on for both Sharon and me and more so than we had even anticipated. Neither of us felt any embarrassment at all being completely undressed in the presence of this fully clothed couple who we barely knew. Feeling their eager eyes all over our naked bodies as we tried to make small talk was an almost indescribable thrill.

Sharon had this wonderful excited look on her face now as she whispered to me, “Wow Honey, this is really turning me on!”

“Me too,” I answered as I looked down at my stiffening cock. Being a man, obviously, it was much harder not to betray my sexual arousal. Sharon looked down at my swelling, circumcised cock and giggled. I did notice that her nipples were stiff now.

We suggested to our now rather delighted guests that we open the wine and they quickly accepted. As we wandered into the kitchen, Sharon surprised me by her boldness. She ‘accidently’ spilled some wine on the wood floor and bent down to wipe it up. But instead of squatting down in a ladylike manner she bent over at the waist with her legs slightly spread. This provided a perfect rear view of her ass and hairy pussy to our guests. She remained in this position for a minute or so as she slowly wiped up the mess. Her little ‘accidental’ display was certainly not lost on Mitch and I could see the growing bulge in his pants as he checked out Sharon’s cunt.

Watching this strange man gawking at the most private part of my wife’s body was really turning me on. I felt my own cock becoming full as this went on. The four of us quickly emptied our wine glasses and immediately took refills. Sharon was rather uncharacteristically gulping down her second glass of wine.

As I showed Cheryl our back yard through the glass slider, I felt my cock getting fully hard. She was trying to act as if nothing was unusual but the grin on her face was hard to hide as she seemed much more interested my stiffening penis than the conservation land adjoining our back yard. There is a big mirror in the kitchen. I typically don’t pay much attention to it. But I happened to look at it, and I saw myself standing naked next to this clothed strange woman. Seeing myself naked from this other perspective was quite exciting, especially with a big hard-on pointing straight out. I could also see the smirk of Cheryl’s face in the reflection.

At one point as I was looking out of the glass slider to point something out to Cheryl. I had gotten a bit to close and the tip of my cock bumped against the glass making a small thud. Cheryl couldn’t help but laugh as I stubbed my dick on the window. I must admit it was pretty funny. There was a little precum on the tip of my cock, and it left some on the glass which did not go unnoticed by Cheryl.

“You got a little schmear on the glass there, Bubablah,” she mentioned to me grinning.

I quickly got paper towel and wiped it off. Saying “Oh…excuse me.” Cheryl’s glass was empty now and so was mine so without even asking, I refilled them both.

As part of this mutual and ongoing charade, Mitch and Cheryl did not even attempt to be subtle as they stared directly at our naked bodies and especially what we had between our legs. Mitch was now looking directly at Sharon’s naked breasts as she and him discussed our house and sipped wine. Surprising me again Sharon now started to very subtly tweet her very erect nipples as they spoke.

As I was getting increasingly turned on, I was becoming more and more bold and felt like I wanted to push things further. I could tell that Sharon was at least as turned on as I was given her little ‘display’. So, I took a chance and told Cheryl and Mitch that they were free to take pictures of our house if they wanted.

“Sure,” Mitch replied as he took out his phone. He snapped a few innocent pictures of the living room and kitchen.

I didn’t know how Sharon would react but I was feeling wild now, so I offered to have Sharon and I in the pictures too if they wanted.

My wife’s eyes lit up as she took my hand and led me to a place in which the room as well as both of us could be in the picture.

As Mitch nervously tried to focus the camera on his phone Sharon whispered to me, “I can’t believe we are letting them take pictures of us naked.”

“Me too,” I answered.

Mitch took a few pictures and then showed us them on his phone. We both looked at Mitch’s phone and there were several clear pictures of Sharon and I stark naked in our living room. It was full frontal nudity. Sharon’s tits and cunt were totally visible, and I had a huge hard-on! Realizing that these strangers now had pictures of me and my wife totally naked and aroused was giving me that tremendous thrill deep in my gut again.

“Nice picture,” I told Mitch. I didn’t know these people, but I had an impression that they were discrete and trustworthy. I hoped so because Sharon and I had left ourselves totally vulnerable by letting him have naked pictures of us. But that made it even more exciting. It was a little crazy, risky and reckless but it was an amazing thrill. I was about to ask Mitch to be discrete with the pictures but before I could say anything he assured me that he would keep these pictures ‘private’. Something told me that he was telling the truth too.

Mitch then looked at his wife with a sort of half embarrassed expression on his face. “I have a little confession to make,” he told us.

“What?” I asked, hoping it wasn’t something bad about his pictures of us.

He replied, “Well I have this sort of…fetish. I have this picture collection of sexy Jewish people…naked. I get most of them off the internet. I don’t know what it is, but it’s kind of a turn on for me.”

Cheryl then interjected, “Yeah, at first I thought it was…well maybe not meschug, but maybe weird but then after a while thought it was kind of exciting myself.”

Feeling better, I told him. “Sharon and I would be proud to be part of your sexy naked Jews collection!”

Mitch then said,”If you don’t mind, I am going to run out to the car and get my good camera. It takes better pictures than the phone”

“Sure,” I replied.

As Mitch was outside, Cheryl noticed our long-curved shofar sitting on the mantle. “That’s a very nice shofar,” she mentioned.

“Thanks. I bought it on Ben Yehuda street,” I replied.

She giggled and told me as she looked directly at my nearly erect penis, “I guess that’s not the only horny thing around here.”

I laughed realizing that this frumpy Jewish lady had quite a wit.

Mitch quickly returned with his camera. Sharon then proudly announced that our guests had to see what I had done downstairs and she opened the door to the basement area which I had recently finished. She was genuinely proud of my accomplishments down there, and it did make me feel good to hear that.

As the four of us went down the stairs, Cheryl commented on how it was so much cooler down here. “Yes, it is very comfortable in the summer here. No need to schvitz,” I replied. My erection was bouncing up and down as I went down the stairs. I noticed that Sharon was now openly tweaking both of her very erect nipples as she walked down the basement stairs. I heard her breathing becoming deeper now, and I could see how aroused she was becoming.

By the time I got downstairs, my cock was totally hard. Cheryl was not even trying anymore to hide her ear to ear grin as she focused her gaze almost entirely upon my fully erect Jewish penis. My cock really was feeling big and full today. I could tell by the way Cheryl was looking at it that I must be better endowed than her husband. As much as her lurid gaze excited me, I did feel a little badly for Mitch. He was a nice guy, and I didn’t want him to feel inadequate.

I showed them both the finished area I had built in the basement as well as the new bathroom. They both were impressed by my handy work, and Mitch confessed that he would have to hire someone to do such an improvement.

I told him that I have some names of good local tradesmen should they need them. He seemed appreciative, since we both agreed it is hard to find decent reliable people there.

I had to laugh to myself at the absurdity of the situation. There I was calmly chatting about finding local electricians with this couple as I stood there stark naked with a fully erect cock!

After showing Mitch and Cheryl the bathroom which I had built, we went back into the main area, and I noticed Sharon casually sitting on the stairs with her legs wide open! Her bushy vagina was now clearly displayed. From where she was sitting, the overhead stairwell light shone directly upon Sharon’s crotch, fully illuminating and drawing attention to her now swollen and very wet vulva.

As we all chatted more I noticed Sharon was now touching herself!

I had not expected things to get nearly this far but maybe all of that wine was kicking in. Our guests certainly didn’t seem to mind, and soon I was grabbing the base of my cock. Our naughty little charade was becoming increasing difficult to maintain.

Cheryl tried to keep up the conversation by asking if there were many other Jews in this area and if you could buy Kosher meat nearby.

I was a bit tipsy now, and I could not resist the comeback as I grasped my cock and announced to her, “I’ve got some Kosher meat!”

We all laughed, which did relieve some of the tension in the room. Not to be outdone, the witty woman nodded her head and said “Yes…Glatt Kosher. Dear.”

At this point, Sharon and I were both openly masturbating in front of guests and Mitch was taking close ups with his camera! I couldn’t believe that we were actually doing this, but to say it was a huge thrill would be a huge understatement. We all still tried to keep up the discussion about the house, but it was getting harder and harder to focus on talking as I was now stroking my cock furiously and Sharon was fingering herself as Cheryl and Mitch watched intently.

Cheryl and I made eye contact, and she was grinning at me as she closely watched my hand ride up and down on my cock shaft. I even began to cup my balls with my other hand as I stroked, and she watched. Knowing that this strange woman loved watching me masturbate as much as I loved doing it for her made this unbelievably erotic for me. It almost seemed surreal now.

Mitch was standing at the base of the stairs now his camera lens only a couple of feet from my wife’s open cunt as he watched and photographed her in the throes of masturbation as well. She was now squeezing her nipples with one hand as she fingered herself with the other.

I felt this deep excited thrill inside again as Sharon and I were naked and performing this most intimate and private of acts in Cheryl and Mitch’s presence. They saw the lust in our eyes as Sharon and I were now consumed with making ourselves cum.

I was stroking ever faster, and Sharon was digging at her now very wet cunt and touching her clitoris as she sat on the wooden stairs. The small talk stopped as Sharon began to moan loudly, and then …”OH…OH…OH..AHHHH!” her body shuttered as she came hard in front of all of us.

Seeing and hearing my naked wife shamelessly bringing herself to orgasm in front of essentially strangers sent me over the edge. I felt my own impending orgasm and I grunted. Everyone looked at me now and the engorged head of my dick.

A long stream of thick semen erupted from my swollen cock head and landed with a splat on the gray, speckled cement floor.

“OY” Cheryl blurted out. She knew that my ejaculation was inevitable but actually seeing me cumming, she no longer contain herself. Seeing me jerk off all over the floor right in front of them was more than a little shocking for them but I knew they loved it.

Now a second and third stream of semen then squirted from my dick. I had been so very turned on, and this was a particularly big load, almost the size of those I used to have years ago. I was glad that I was still able to produce such a copious ejaculation for the lurid entertainment of Cheryl and Mitch.

I could see that Cheryl was impressed by the size of my load. “Oh…such a gezunta load!” Cheryl commented. Looking at the glistening pool of her husband’s fresh sperm on the floor Sharon commented, “Well…that’s why we used that epoxy paint on the floor!”

“Schmutz and sperm proof!” Cheryl added. We all laughed.

Strangely neither Sharon or I felt any embarrassment now after what we had just done, even after we came down from our sexual high. I felt proud, and very proud of my amazing sexy wife. It was like we had both put on a successful performance. I guess in a sense we had. Instead of musical instruments, we played our genitals for their entertainment. Perhaps another sort of fine instruments?

Cheryl however was now very flustered, and I knew both she and Mitch were very turned on. I could see that even in the coolness of the basement Mitch’s shirt was soaked through with sweat. The bulge in his pants was bigger than ever now. Cheryl’s face was flush. She was sweating as well and looked a little disheveled now.

Trying to regain some measure of composure Cheryl said, “Well then… thanks for… showing us everything today… Oh and you two have a lovely house.”

“Our pleasure,” I replied as the last drip of sperm leaked from my softening cock. “I hope you can see Sharon and me again soon,” I replied, my message clear.

“We would like that very much. Cheryl and I would very much like to see you two again,” Mitch said emphasizing the word ‘see’ as he looked at his grinning wife.

We all went upstairs, and I asked Mitch where they were off to now. “Well, we were going to check out some of the surrounding areas and then head back before the traffic gets too bad,” Mitch replied. “You know, I think we might like to come down here next weekend too to look at some more property,” Mitch told me.

Sharon replied, “Give our realtor a call and maybe you can set up some appointments next weekend.”

Mitch reassured me again that he would only share his pictures with us. I told him I would look forward to seeing them and that Sharon and I were glad to be part of his collection of ‘Yiddisha tusch’. Without missing a beat, Cheryl added “and then some!”

Cheryl told us that she would contact the realtor, and we tentatively set up a time for them to visit us again next weekend. We exchanged cell numbers, so we could stay in touch and make sure our schedules matched.

“We are really looking forward to seeing you two again,” Cheryl told us with a wide grin, our charade now no longer necessary, but still fun. “And we are really looking forward to you two seeing us as well. We hope to hear from you soon.”

Sharon replied with an equally big grin, “And thanks for coming!”

The ever-witty Cheryl gave me a quick hug and said with a smirk, “Thank you both for coming too.”

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