Written by Arturo Desimone. Read more of Arturo’s work on Jewrotica with “Hebrew for Beginners“.

Rated RTashlikh, throwing of curse stones
under chaperones, sick and sad angels
jews throw stones on New year, their sins
into the water,
the red sea,
the galilee, reach the roots of lilies, radical
the river.

the prostitute moves, like a wave
like river,
in the creaking bed under a man
under her scents, she fucks like a devil zonah elusive and fast like water in sunlight,
catches up the moon under her skin

she is not a river,
she only moves as much
she is never and always the same until winnowing of death.

Arturo was born in Aruba, emigrated to the Netherlands as a young adult and now lives in Argentina. Arturo is inspired to write about the sexual, political and religious.