Meeting Diane

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Meeting Diane 1

Written by SoCal Switch.  SoCal Switch is a first-time Jewrotica writer.

I arrived at the hotel cautiously optimistic. Diane and I were off to a great start in developing an online friendship. When I sent her a picture of me in Agent Mulder’s office from the TV show “The X Files,” she endeared herself to me by signing her reply, “Scully” – Mulder’s female partner’s name. Yep definitely off to a great start.

Subsequent e-mails, IM chats and phone conversations built on that foundation. But the acid test was still to come: meeting in person. Although when it comes to confirming good chemistry my batting average in meeting online friends has been pretty good, there have been the occasional flops, so I wasn’t banking too much on the magic happening, but had a good feeling about Diane and so came well prepared.

Diane had a business retreat in a little resort town about an hour and a half drive from where I live and I agreed to meet her at her hotel. A few weeks prior, she had sent me a picture of herself so I knew who to look for once I walked into the hotel lobby with my toy bag in one hand and flowers in the other. She was easy enough to spot. In fact, her picture didn’t even do her justice. There was a naturalness about her that was plain irresistible.

Like me, she seemed a bit nervous. It was only natural. I know for me, there were a thousand things going on in my head, beginning with “what the hell am I going to talk about with this woman?” Although I put out a very outgoing persona, I can get a little tongue tied when I’m meeting an attractive woman for the first time, especially when I want to make a good impression. But the moment Diane relaxed and smiled at me, I knew everything was going to work out just fine.

We got a quiet booth in the hotel restaurant and got to know each other better. I told her about some of the projects I was working on. She told me about hers. We talked and opened up to each other for a good hour or more when we decided it was time to go up to her room to continue in intimate, private surroundings. You should have seen the grin on my face when she put her hand in mine as we waited for the elevator.

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