Meeting Diane

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Meeting Diane 2

As a former Boy Scout, I came well prepared for the possibility of things clicking between us. When we got up to her room, I pulled out a chair for her and asked her to sit. Since we had discussed it before hand, we both knew that if our chemistry worked well enough for us to get past dinner, at least one of us was going to enjoy a deliciously spanked bottom.

As I pulled some scented candles out of my bag and placed and lit them around the room, I explained to Diane that before I tended to her bottom, I wanted her to feel totally relaxed and comfortable. I kissed her gently on the lips and forehead and instructed her to close her eyes and breathe deeply while I continued my preparations.

As she did so, I went into the bathroom, where I lit a few more candles and began filling the tub with warm water for a scented bubble bath. When I came back, I took off her shoes, tenderly kissing each foot before putting it down.

“I want you to keep your eyes closed, but stand up for me so that I can undress you. That sound you hear is a lovely bath I am running for you.”

I unzipped her skirt and watched it fall to the floor. I put her hands on my shoulders for support. “Now be a good girl and step out of the skirt,” I instructed her.

Next I unbuttoned and helped her out of her blouse, which I neatly folded and laid on the dresser. Diane now stood before me in bra and panties. If you were to ask Diane, she would probably point out every flaw in her body. But to me, she was a vision of womanly splendor. I couldn’t resist taking her tightly in my arms and kissing her, telling her how magnificent she was.

I led her into the bathroom just as the bubbly water reached the level I desired. I unclasped her brassiere and beheld breasts worthy of DaVinci. I knelt before her and peeled her panties off, kissing the bottom that would soon see attention of a different kind. Once undressed, I helped her into the tub, at which point she insisted that if she was going to be naked, I should be too. A playful splash soaking my shirt convinced me to comply while quietly motivating me to add that bit of naughtiness to the list of things I would soon spank her for. I knelt beside the tub and bathed her with a soft sponge as we continued to talk and get to know each other better.

Once I got her completely clean, I stood her up, let the water out of the tub and toweled her dry before leading her back into the bedroom. There, I laid her face down on the bed and warmed some scented massage oil in my hands before applying it to her back. She breathed deeply as I worked the muscles of her back and legs, rubbing and kneading her body from ankle to neck and back again.

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