Deborah and Aviva, Part I

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“So,” Nathan said opening their weekly staff meeting, “how is the remodeling going?”

The Ghaimans had recently rented a big office in a fancy trade center. They were remodeling everything to suit Aviva’s taste, so right now, only the offices they absolutely needed were suitable for use; the rest were unfinished, serving as temporary storage units filled with boxes. Because of that, and because Deborah’s main job description was to keep Aviva happy, the two women were sharing an office, which suited Deborah just fine. 

“Slower than I expected,” Aviva complained. “These guys haven’t even finished the hallway!”

“My dear Aviva, ever so patient,” he said, giving her a loving glance which, frankly, made Deborah want to puke a little.

“Ugh, I don’t know. I was thinking we should hire someone else to finish the job,” Aviva insisted. 

“Yeah, because that worked very well in the past,” Nathan answered raising an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?” Peter, Nathan’s new assistant, asked. 

“Well, my darling wife has this habit of spooking people away…”

“Hey, that’s not true!” she interrupted.

“Oh, yes, it is. Actually, before you, Deborah, I’ve never seen Aviva so happy working with anybody. Did you know you are the sixteenth assistant she’s had? I keep track just to remind her of it every now and then,” he chuckled.

“Please, Nathan, you are exaggerating…

“No, I’m not, ask the accountant, he has all the detailed records. We even had one that lasted for a single day before quitting,” he told them, his chuckle escalating to a full laugh.

The chemistry between Deborah and Aviva was undeniable. Nathan was positively surprised that so much time had passed without anyone crying, screaming or quitting. Or all of the above. Like he said, Aviva was undeniably happy as Deborah did her job without any mishaps.

When the meeting ended and Aviva stayed with Nathan while everyone else scattered to work, Deborah deliberately walked slower, savoring Nathan’s assertion that his wife had finally found her other half. Aviva just chuckled while Deborah’s chest swelled with pride and devotion.

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