Afternoon Delight

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Written by Dr. Limor Blockman. Born and raised in Haifa (Israel), Dr.Limor religiously relates her writing to her origins and her Judaism. For more writing by Dr. Limor, check out the Jewrotica Fantasies series and her website:

Rated R

We are sitting around in your parents’ living room
Everyone is there
Young kids are playing, making a mess out of a simple
100 pieces jigsaw puzzle.
You lean closer to my ear
‘I can smell the sweet scent of your pussy, it’s divine’
You whisper, and lean back
Leaving me ultra aroused
And charged
I sit there for a few passing moments
My panties drenched.
I finally rise,
Signal to you to follow my lead
And close the in-suite bathroom door behind me.
You enter a minute later and immediately
Propel me
Over the counter,
Next to the sink.
You tear my wet underwear
And thrust your immense cock
Inside me.
You shift your tempo
With a hand
Placed on my behind.
The other,
Is blocking my silent shriek .
Little white drops on your mother’s favorite bath rug
I leave first.

Dr. Limor Blockman, Jewrotica's new Author and Cultural Outreach Director, is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Dr. Limor holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, a Master’s in Public Health & Community Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.