The Schvitz – A Rendezvous at the Bathhouse


Graphic by Emmarogenous.

Written by Dee Voyse. Dee is a pervy, kinky, Jewish gal who has been writing since before she was even of Bat Mitzvah age. She was raised on USY dances and Hebrew school slumber parties, and blames her perviness in part on such influences. For more Jewrotica writing by Dee, check out Yichud and Na’aseh V’Nishma – My Ten Commandments. Follow Dee on Facebook and Twitter.

Rated XXX

Leora was pissed off. She’d had a long day at work and it was only Tuesday. She was dreading the rest of her week and felt utterly miserable at the thought of slogging through it only to sit home alone that weekend and remember that she had no man in her life. She wouldn’t care about it so much if she could just stop thinking about her conversation with her mother earlier that morning. As she drove home to her lonely apartment, she couldn’t help hearing her mother’s words ringing in her ears: “Mamaleh, you’re not getting any younger you know. When are you going to find a nice man and settle down? Maybe even start making me some grandchildren to spoil?”

Leora sighed. Maybe her mom was right. Maybe she should do just that: settle. It didn’t help that at every Shabbos dinner, she would sit across from her sister with her husband, her brother with his wife, and her parents, looking at her and shrugging their shoulders as if they’d tried their best but to no avail. She’d been on a handful of disastrous blind dates set up by her well-meaning mother and friends. Each one seemed to go more heinously than the one before until she finally decided to eschew the concept of dating altogether, much to the dismay of her family. It was hard enough that she had to work 40+ hours a week. She barely had the time or the inclination to play the dating game. She saw how much this hurt her mother and father and, as she thought about the pain it caused them, tears welled up in her eyes.

She didn’t want to be a disappointment anymore. She didn’t want to live alone in a pathetic single apartment that she could barely afford. And she definitely didn’t want to go another night with this much stress on her shoulders. That last thought hit her like a ton of bricks as she passed by her local 24 hour spa. She’d never had the desire to venture inside before, but it was as if the blinking neon light in the window that read “OPEN ALL NIGHT” was calling to her.

‘Maybe I could use a schvitz,’ she thought to herself, ‘It might just calm me down.’

She pulled into the teeny parking lot, which was luckily fairly empty save for a smattering of cars ranging from low to higher end to what-the-hell-were-they-doing-at-a-place-like-this fancy. Leora shrugged her shoulders and figured that the spa must be doing something right to attract such a varied clientele. She walked inside and approached the front desk.

“$20 for use of all saunas. Women’s floor – no clothes, men’s floor – no go, common area – shorts and shirt. Got it?” said a short woman at the counter.

Leora nodded and forked over a twenty dollar bill, figuring it would be worth it to sit in a steam and get some of the tension out of her system. She was given a key to a locker and a t-shirt and pair of shorts to wear in the common area. She decided that she’d rather stick to the women’s floor, opting to steer clear of any reminders of her ineptitude with men. She threw her belongings into a locker – number #36 – and trotted off to the showers to cleanse before she hit the steam room. The nearby hot tub boasted women of all shapes and sizes and Leora instantly felt more at ease than she’d been for the entire day. Leora was a lanky brunette with legs that went on for days, tiny, pert breasts, and a waist that she wished someone would snake their arm around and pull her in close for a genuine and romantic kiss.

‘One day,’ she sighed as the cool water fell on the top her head. ‘One day.’

She scrubbed herself with a loofa and soap that smelled of lavender and honeysuckle. She ran her fingers over her nipples and, seeing that there was no one else in the immediate area, gave them a little pinch, sending a rush of shivers up her back. Most nights, it was usually just her and her trusty bullet vibe. She wasn’t much for porn and reading too much in the evenings would give her a headache after having stared down a computer screen for the better part of the day. It was almost always just her, a small vibe, and her fantasies.

She closed her eyes and continued to soap her breasts, gently playing with her nipples and imagining what it would be like for someone else to touch her in such a familiar way. It was only then that she opened her eyes and turned around to see a gorgeous busty blonde smile and wink at her and step into the shower stall to her right. Leora blushed, rinsed off rapidly, and grabbed a towel, hustling into the steam room to hide from yet another embarrassing encounter, albeit this time with a woman. She chuckled to herself as she looked around and saw that she was alone among the steam. It seemed almost usual for her to make a fool of herself in front of a man – she did it so well and often that she figured it could be her champion Olympic sport – but for a woman to catch her in such a vulnerable state was a rarity. She felt silly, but the steam was so relaxing that she decided she wouldn’t even care. Besides, the woman had, in fact, winked at her and smiled – not laughed – so what was Leora so afraid about?

Wait. The woman had winked at her? Leora giggled, thinking back to her old summer camp days of quiet experimentation under the guide of a game of Truth-or-Dare. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, inhaling the humid air and reminiscing about late night flashlight rendezvous, hands nervously making their way between each other’s legs, and so on. Leora could feel herself sweating harder than even the steam was allowing and, realizing that she was all alone in the schvitz bath, opened her towel and let her hand wander between her own legs, touching her moist pussy and dreaming about the days of yesteryear, when she had a little bit more courage and a lot less to lose.

As she massaged herself and flicked her clit, she was oblivious to the sound of the sauna door opening and the busty blonde walking in. Leora only came back down to earth when she felt an unfamiliar hand tap her on the shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her towel, looking down at her hand and feeling even more ashamed than she had when the gorgeous blonde creature had “caught” her earlier. Leora smiled weakly and looked up into a pair of sparkling green eyes.

“I’m Meirav,” said the blonde in a thick Israeli accent, “and please…don’t stop.”

Leora looked down at her feet and blushed profusely. She’d obviously had her fun with girls in the past, but never imagined that something like this would be happening to her now at age 32. She thought she was too grown up for these sort of shenanigans. Meirav took her chin and gently tilted Leora’s face upward. Leora took this time to admire the gorgeous lady that sat before her. As their eyes met once more, Leora could no longer contain herself and went in for a kiss. Meirav kissed her back, grabbing Leora’s hips and slipping her tongue into her waiting mouth. Their kiss broke for a moment and Leora struggled to catch her breath.

“You look like you could use a little relaxation, achot,” said Meirav, “And I think I know just the thing.”

Before Leora could even respond, Meriav had Leora on her back, lying on the damp, white towel that was previously wrapped around her naked body. The warmth of the steam room made everything feel dreamlike and Leora closed her eyes, hoping that the feeling wouldn’t go away. Meirav dove in between Leora’s legs with gusto, kissing her inner thighs, and working her way to the hot, creamy center of Leora’s sex. She licked and suckled and stuck two fingers into the moist cunt dripping before her, causing Leora to writhe in pleasure. Leora moaned and ran her fingers through the Meirav’s hair, gripping at her golden locks and praying that the waves of pleasure cascading through her body would never stop. It was even better than summer camp. It was real, whatever this was. And Leora was determined to soak up every fleeting moment of it. Meirav came up for air and climbed on top of Leora, giving her a kiss so passionate that Leora licked her own juices from Meirav’s lips just to taste herself fully. She figured that it was time to reciprocate.

Leora started at Meirav’s large and beautiful breasts. She kissed and sucked on the woman’s nipples and even nibble slightly here and there. Meirav giggled and caressed the back of Leora’s head as the girl worked her way south, kissing and licking at every inch of olive skin beneath her. Leora came to Meirav’s warm, wet opening and stopped momentarily. Her mind was in a whirl of pleasure, so much so that her worries ceased to occur to her. As she gazed at the beautiful vulva before her, all she wanted to do was taste Meirav. And taste her she did. It was like honey to Leora, licking this woman’s pussy. Never before had she ever tasted something – someone – so sweet before. Meirav was gentle and soft and made her feel everything that a man never could. There was nothing that Leora wanted more in the world at that very moment than to please the goddess before her. Meirav ground her hips against Leora’s face and Leora responded with lascivious and wanton licks until it grew to be too much for Meirav. Leora’s tongue pulsated against Meirav’s throbbing clit until she climaxed hard. Leora drank her nectar, savoring every bit, until there wasn’t a drop left. She came back up and gave Meirav a long and deep kiss, the juices of either women intermingling with one another in a sensory overload.

Meirav gave Leora a small peck on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “Eizeh yofi”.

Leora simply nodded and closed her eyes, continuing to relax in the steam room for a little while longer. When she finally got up to leave, she looked around the room and saw that she was alone. She walked to the showers to clean herself of sweat and sex, albeit tempted to keep the smell on her just for the sake of sensory pleasure. She soaped herself again with the lavender and honeysuckle soap and washed her hair. She had never felt more beautiful. She collected her belongings from her locker, got dressed, and jumped in her car to head home. She rolled her driver’s side window all the way down and let the air hit her face, blasting the radio and feeling more free than she’d felt in a long time. The thoughts and concerns that had once plagued her all faded away into the night sky and she paused for a moment to consider what had just happened. She laughed out loud and thought again of summer camp. And then she thought about her family. A momentary pang of panic coursed through her body until she shook her head and shook it off. She knew she was no disappointment. She had a good job, her own place, and a new lease on life. It was all simply a matter of perspective, she realized. And, in that moment, she knew exactly who she was. She was a nefesh chofshia and planned to continue to live her life any way she pleased. And, if she ever got lonely, she knew a great place to go for a nice schvitz.

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