Graphic by Emmarogenous.

Written by Dee Voyse. Dee is a first time Jewrotica writer. Dee is a pervy, kinky, Jewish gal who has been writing since before she was even of Bat Mitzvah age. She was raised on USY dances and Hebrew school slumber parties, and blames her perviness in part on such influences.

Rated R

Chapter 1

Mazel Tov!” shouted the crowd as the glass was smashed underfoot. Noah and Shira had been dreaming of their wedding day nearly since they met. It was love at first sight – or maybe second (after all, they’d met at a USY dance) – and the two had been inseparable from high school to college and beyond. They were deeply in love and happily faithful to both one another as well as their spiritual beliefs. Still, they were modern Jews who did not hold to every single direction of the Torah. Their wedding was a lovely mix of traditions both new and old. They had married underneath a chuppah, Shira’s parents had walked her down the aisle, they each drank from the cup of wine, recited the prayers, and so on. They did, however, play “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters for the bride’s grand entrance. Again, this wedding wasn’t exactly straight out of Fiddler on the Roof or anything.

One custom that the pair had decided to honor on their special day was that of yichud. By no means had they remained tsniut for their entire courting process; however, they decided that for the week leading up to their day of celebration, they were not to have any sexual contact. It was both beautiful and agonizing for the couple who could never get enough of each other. As they stood under their wedding canopy, hand-in-hand, gazing at one another, all either one could think about was getting to that damn yichud room. Of course they were happy to finally be wed and ready to start their lives together, but they were also pretty horny.

Noah stood before his kallah clad in a dashing tuxedo. He was tall and thin with chestnut brown hair and his blue eyes sparkled in the afternoon sun. Shira was a sight to behold in her flowing white dress: a tradition upon which her mother had insisted and by which she begrudgingly abided. It was no secret that Shira was not a virgin (except maybe to her mother), but, for her mother’s sake, she had agreed to the charade. Then again, if Shira’s frum mother only knew what a wild woman Shira was in the bedroom, her sheitl would spin. So there she stood, in a stunning, strapless, pearl white dress with about a million buttons down the back that thankfully were only a ruse to hide the zipper which lay underneath. The dress had a fishtail bottom and made Shira feel like a Disney princess. Her long, curly red hair shone underneath a long white veil and her porcelain skin blushed crimson as she looked into her true love’s eyes. She smiled at him, knowing with confidence that she was marrying the man with whom she would spend the rest of her days.

The two exchanged heartfelt vows which included references to their early days together as awkward teenagers. Shira silently thought to herself about the first kiss they had shared at that dance many years ago. She remembered how soft his lips were and the shaky feeling she had gotten in her hands when he took hers for the first time and led her into the basement of the temple rec-room to make out. They were quite the mischievous couple, having gotten caught by a parent chaperone that night. It certainly didn’t do much to stop them, though, and they only got more daring as the years went on. While Shira was daydreaming about their first time together, Noah was thinking of their last time a week earlier. Shira had been animalistic – growling, scratching, and biting – as they fucked up against the wall of their apartment for the last time before they were to be wed. Noah wasn’t exactly all too tender either as he thrust into her with the force of a madman. They knew how difficult it was going to be to abstain from sex even for a week and both had wanted nothing more than to make it count.

It was a beautiful ceremony – there was no doubt about that – but just as soon as the glass was smashed, so too did Noah and Shira take off for their alone time. In accordance with tradition, they had decided to fast that day as well and, as such, they were both sexually and physically famished. The flabbergasted crowd looked around at one another and stifled chuckles as they watched the couple practically flee the scene, making off to make out as it were.

Shira’s mother looked at Shira’s father and commented, “My, they must be hungry.”

Chapter 2

Noah and Shira stopped at the doorway to the yichud room and looked at each other with a furious lust in their eyes. Noah turned the door handle and swung it open to reveal a beautifully decorated room with peach-colored walls, a small couch for two, and a table holding a tray of appetizers for the newlyweds to share. Noah scooped up his bride and, in accordance with yet another tradition, carried her over the threshold and into the yichud room. There were slices of brisket, challah rolls, and mushroom burekas just to name some of the food that had been lovingly set out for the two. If Noah thought that looked delicious, it was certainly no match for the vision of his lovely new wife who was in the process of removing her veil, shaking out her wild mane, and excavating bobby pins from her elaborately styled hair.

Boi, buba shel li,” Noah murmured in a husky voice, drawing her near with one fingers.

Shira could hardly stand. It drove her wild when Noah spoke to her in Hebrew. She finished undoing her hair and tiptoed over to Noah in her tall white heels and princess dress. She had forgotten most of her Hebrew schooling over the years, but could still manage a small bit of conversation here and there.

To Noah’s delight, she surprised him and said, “Ani ohevet otcha” and gave him a soft kiss on the lips, smearing her crimson red lip stain all over his mouth.

He could care less about the mess they were about to make, though, and kissed her back with a vigorous passion, pulling her close and letting his hand intertwine among her scarlet locks, gripping them ever so slightly. With his other hand, he reached behind Shira and began to slowly unzip her dress, thanking his lucky stars that his wise bride had the chochma to invest in a dress with a zipper. The flesh of her back was warm to the touch and Shira shivered at the caress of Noah’s cool hand. The two still had not broken their kiss this whole time until the dress began to slide down Shira’s body until it hit the floor and Shira gently stepped out of it, revealing a white waist-cincher, frilly white panties, sheer back-seamed stockings, sparkly silver high heels, and no bra. Her nipples stood at attention, hardening in the cool breeze of the oft-broken, but thankfully fixed for the day A/C unit in the room of the temple. Noah could feel his dick begin to twitch and harden as he took in the sight of his wife, standing before him in her pure-looking lingerie, ready to be defiled once again. He knew what lay beneath the surface of her pseudo-frum exterior and he could not wait to get at it.

Chapter 3

Shira, seeing her husband practically drooling over her, got down on her knees and inched closer to him, reaching over to unzip his pants to reveal black silk boxer briefs tented by his throbbing erection.

Yafeh m’od, ahava shel li,” she said, impressing Noah once more.

“You’ve been practicing, my love,” he said as she pulled his pants down around his ankles, followed by his underwear, and took him in her mouth.

His words turned to moans and he ran his fingers through her long, thick hair, savoring the feel of her warm and wet mouth encompassing him, realizing that she’d been practicing more than just her Hebrew skills. She sucked and licked him until he was seeing stars, never more happy to be pleasing her man than at that very moment. He always tasted delicious and she lapped at the precum dribbling from his head. One week had been far too long to make up for lost time in a matter of a half hour. To hell with the reception. If she could stay there sucking his cock for the rest of the day, then to her, it would be a day well spent.

Getting close to the edge, Noah pet the back of Shira’s head, indicating for her to slow her pace. He pulled out of her mouth and held out his hand for her to brace herself to stand back up. The heels were one thing, but that corset was certainly another. Shira praised the lord for her friend’s suggestion that she find a slinky dress to change into for the post-wedding reception as she knew that her cinched up waist could only stay so trim for so long. She stood up and faced her husband who stood, pants and shorts around his ankles to reveal a rock hard dick, but fully dressed above the waist. She reached down and undid her corset and slid her panties down and completely off so that she was only wearing her stay-up stockings and heels. She couldn’t wait a second longer for him to be inside her.

“Fuck me now!” she hissed, grabbing his cock and practically leading him over to the couch by his swollen appendage.

Noah was in no position to argue and the two went crashing into the loveseat, kissing, groping, and grinding up against each other. Shira was undeniably wet and she felt like she was sixteen again as they awkwardly fumbled on the couch until he was braced to enter her. It was like lightning striking her entire body as he thrust in and out of her. Shira could hardly contain herself and she wrapped her legs around Noah’s waist and dug her fingernails into his ass. They groaned together, relieved to be one again.

Noah pulled out for a moment and looked at his bride with a wry smile.

“Bend over that couch,” he instructed tersely.

Shira stood up and complied, readying herself to be invaded once more.

Noah came up behind her and fucked her slowly yet steadily. The pace was near torture for both of them, but Noah wanted to draw it out for as long as he possibly could.

“Mmmm…harder PLEASE,” howled Shira as Noah continued.

Although determined to have a nice, slow fuck, Noah’s body had other ideas. He could feel the pressure building within him and before he knew it, he was slamming into Shira at full force.

‘That’s more like it,’ she thought to herself.

He dug his fingers into her hips and pulled himself into her, treating her as roughly as he knew she wanted. He thrust inside of her harder and harder until he could feel the familiar sensation around his cock. Shira tightened around him, growling like a hungry wolf, and cumming just as fiercely. This was more than enough to send Noah over the edge and he exploded inside of her with a few more thrusts. He collapsed on top of her momentarily and kissed the back of her neck.

Ani l’dodi, v’dodi li,” he whispered into her ear.

Shira mumbled something inaudible back at him, her eyes shut tightly as she basked in the afterglow. The two got up from the couch and proceeded to clean themselves up. Noah put his pants back on and straightened out his shirt and tie while Shira slipped into a more comfortable tea-length white dress with lace trim. She looked like a million dollars and Noah immediately wanted to fuck her again, but resigned himself to the fact that they still had a reception to get to. They sat back down on the couch and held each other for a moment, their hearts still racing in time with one another.

Just then, a knock came at the door…

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