Jewrotica’s Sexiest Rabbis of 2014

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Dear Readers,

I am excited to announce Jewrotica’s second annual sexiest rabbis contest!

At the conclusion of last year’s contest, our editor, Ayo, noted that “we do not purport that this is an authoritative, exhaustive and all-inclusive list of all the fabulous and sexy rabbis out there. We certainly missed some of you, and that is what next year and comments are for.” Now, with next year right around the corner, we want you to tell us who you think deserves to be recognized as one of the sexiest rabbis of 2015!

We want to know: What makes your rabbi awesome?

We’ll be looking for a few criteria, namely:

A. The Solomon effect

B. The Tikun Olam impact

C. The Oomph factor

The Solomon Effect: Does your rabbi woo you with words of wisdom, his sermons always leaving you wanting more? Do her maneuvers with the words of this week’s parshah fill you with the desire to open a Torah scroll?

The Tikun Olam impact: Does your rabbi work hard to make the world a better place, by fighting for causes she believes in? Does he bind himself to activism and social justice?

The Oomph factor: What makes your rabbi extra special? Do they have a certain je ne sais quoi that you find alluring?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to start nominating – and of course, to tell your friends so that they can also take part in the fun. Nominations can be submitted here. We are also accepting nominations of ‘rabbinic couples’, so feel free to nominate your rabbi/rebbetzin together!

Shayna is a native Manhattanite whose interests include Torah, human rights, and poetry. An avid procrastinator, Shayna spends most of her time on Facebook, or watching any game involving the Brazilian soccer team. Brasil para Mundial 2014!