The Carnal Ballad of the Peyos


Written by Shmual and Emmarogenous, illustrated by Emmarogenous. For more writing by Emmarogenous, check out Hum Hum.

Rated PG-13
I met this divorced ex Hasidic through a friend in common. This friend told me that his story would catch my attention.
He enjoys reading. He is bashful to write. I am a pushy person so I encouraged him to write a poem with me.
It was inspired by a story and a question: how did he used to sleep with his peyos? He never thought of that but he told me a story about a bearded man who couldn’t rest after the same question about his beard.
He let his mind go and banged on his keyboard to play a poetic game.
There are lots of erotic suggestions in this poem because I see peyos like a phallic thing.


The Carnal Ballad of the Peyos

A soft and curly long peyos
Was lying besides my ear
Bristling by a touch of a finger…

Retorting with hints of shiver,
Traits of moisture –
Of ambivalent origin

Stretching its curls
Lingering along
Recurving to the top

Shaven stripe
Nothing but fleshless skull
Leading to its twin

Rustlings Whistled
A languorous dance
Hips encased

Stubbornly proclaiming
Religious crust
Concealing volcano of desire

Meshugaly winding
Rubbing the cheeks
Grazing the lips

Kinkyly confusing roles:
Caressing eyes
Kissing Chin

On their way to the deep valley
Trapping between the two hills
Pipik pipik

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