Hum Hum

hum hum

Written and illustrated by Emmarogenous. Emmarogenous is a first time Jewrotica writer.

Rated PG-13

I met this Hasidic man nearly two years ago on Craiglist.
He replied to one of my posts.
We met after trading long emails.
A sensual and erotic connection happened quickly.
We blessed the streets of Crown Heights with our French kisses.
He didn’t want to go further for emotional and ideological issues.
We stayed in touch.
One year later, he came by surprise to my workplace, and the chemistry was still there. Nothing happened, but an erotic desire was in our sparkling eyes.
Five months later, we decided to go further for a night of enjoyment. He disappeared Hasidic-ly, without explanation, like a little whistle of air out of a balloon, saying he would come back.
Most of the times, the main reason was the fear.
In this case, he took what he needed.
It was snowing, the thought of his hirsute arms reminded me how he made me serene during this erotic Shabbos.
He likes reading erotic, passionate and lust words.
I enjoy writing poetry inspired by the men I used to like, I like and I will like.
He is one of them. And I wrote this one for him.


Hum Hum

‪Listening to the silence of the snow
‪He was lying on a white sheet
‪Fingers drawing a snowflake on his hairy chest

‪A labial sound
‪A hand on his spheres
‪A finger in her volcanic forest
‪Turning, and pushing it deeply

‪Up and down

‪Swallowing his enjoyment
‪Drinking her fountain

‪Breathing in his ear
‪Moaning in her neck

‪Begging him to plunge his hand
‪Sucking his hard thumb

‪Begging her to go behind
‪Scratching his tuchas

‪Listening to the music of the shovels
‪She was lying on a wet sheet
‪Legs spread
‪Shiny drops on her legs

‪Sleeping besides her
‪His milky way sticking to his hairy chest
‪His arm around her hips
‪Blowing in her hair

‪Lustful angels

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