Written by EK. EK, a first-time Jewrotica writer, is American by birth, Persian by blood, and Frenchwoman by obsession. Now, after a year studying in Israel EK can almost call herself Israeli by book. EK will be attending the University of Chicago this fall, hoping to add Freakonomic Chicagoan to her list.

Rated PG-13She sprawls upon your coffee skin,
tightly twined around your—
unadulterated arm.
Rumpling hairs,
clutching veins,
lacerating flesh,
endangering circulation,
hastening blood to your—
maudlin heart.
Tanned, soaked, sprayed, sliced,
pierced, pickled, trussed, trimmed,
dried, dyed, creamed,
waxed, lacquered,
Transformed from an anatomical animal into a sacred structure.
In the corner I watch you embrace her,
as she dances in your palm,
ensnaring like a serpent through your –
mauled fingers.
Why her?
Why do I not light your blood aflame?
Why is she the one touched by you each morning?
Why won’t you pray with me?
Why must you call me insane,
since normalcy I cannot feign?
Why do you ignore my bane?
Please take away that hand,
with his unwelcome lover,
let me see your back
just leave her in this sack.

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