Mikvah Night Fight

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The tears still flow, but my anger seems to have left me. I press my face into his chest and smell him. Yummy. I twirl my fingers in his chest hair and feel like I don’t want to be angry any more. I’m still resolved to make him work for it.

His hands rove under my pajamas, touching the sweet spots he knows will light the fire.

I’m having a hard time not responding to his feather-light touches. I squirm involuntarily. I feel him smile against my shoulder.

He slowly unbuttons my pajama top, lips kissing where fingers have touched. He eases it off me, then cradles me gently as he lays me back down.

He fumbles with the ribbon of my pants and eventually yanks them over my hips with one hand. His other hand strokes me softly through my underwear. My body betrays my need. I am slick and wet. In one deft motion the underwear disappears too.

We are skin to skin – and it feels so good. He lifts me on top of him and gently eases himself inside. It feels as if we’ve both come home. I feel complete….yet so wanton.

I grow bold, decide that I am in control, that I will show him who’s the boss. I pin his hands behind his head – we both know it isn’t about strength. He allows me to pick up the reins.

I lay down on top of him. Thigh to thigh, chest to chest. He is hard and throbbing inside me. He places his hands on my buttocks, and gently pushes me forward and backwards, creating delicious friction.

I am fighting it – I don’t want to give in so easily, but I feel the pressure mounting. He increases his speed, and in seconds my world explodes. He holds me tight as I descend back to earth, stroking my back and nuzzling my neck.

He flips me on my back and in no time at all he is pounding into me. He lifts my legs over his shoulders so he can go deeper. He drives into me with all his passion and anger. I thrust my hips in answer to his call.

I feel his muscles start to quiver and clench. I feel my body lose focus again. Faster and harder – he thrusts and I parry until we peak together. He collapses onto me, spent.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms, leaving the fight for the light of day.

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