Walking Through The Door

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Written by Anonymous.

rating_xxx“R” was a lanky, skinny, Jewish kid a little taller than 6 feet. I met him through one of those frummie Jewish dating sites, which I trawled whenever bored, desperate to meet someone who understood the wells of forbidden desire inside me…someone who wouldn’t laugh at my Orthodox upbringing or judge me for wanting to abandon it.

I found that in “R.” We weren’t into the same things, but we clicked…. as friends. He liked to confide his deepest secrets in me because he knew that I wouldn’t judge him. In fact, we swapped really naughty adventure stories and shared our deepest sexual fantasies.

I had an extremely curious mind, always wanting to know what the other half lusted for. Having gone to an Orthodox yeshiva, anything relating to exploration of sex was forbidden. I wanted to break the shackles of tradition–stuffy, overanalyzed, restrictive tradition–and I was dying to know how everyone else was breaking those shackles.

G-d never said sex was dirty. In fact, post high school I learned what the rabbis try to hide: you can do anything to please your partner… anything! Anal, oral, role play, BDSM…in service to one’s partner, it was all okay. I couldn’t wait for the day that I had a steady partner of my own to practice on…

Armed with a more humane outlook on sexuality, I was thirsty to learn, explore and share experiences that were considered taboo. And I was lucky to be given an opportunity to expand my tunnel vision once I met my new artsy friend.

One night, “R” shared with me that he loved to wear skinny jeans because the tightness of fabric around his crotch aroused him. My mind went wild and my panties got wet. I wanted to hear more. And he obliged. He told me how he loved being dominated. My ears perked up.

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