Behind Closed Doors With the Men and Women of the Bible, Part II

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Written by Tamar Fox.  This post is a continuation of “Behind Closed Doors With the Men and Women of the Bible, Part I“.  [Editor’s Note: This piece is not graphic, however it is irreverent – hence earning an “R” rating.  If you tend to be sensitive to or disapproving of sacrilegious comments, please do yourself a favor and click over to another piece.] 

Rated RWelcome back to “Behind Closed Doors with the Men and Women of the Bible.” Last time, we explored the naughty personalities of some of our favorite male figures from Judaism’s holiest text. This time, we’ll take you up close and personal to some of Tanakh’s secret seductresses.


Rachel was undeniably hot, and she had a fiery personality. She was the kind of girl that men would move mountains (or wells) for, and boy, did she know it. Rachel’s sexual appetite was voracious, and she was never comfortable sharing her husband with her sister. As she got older and her sister had more and more kids, Rachel’s sexiness was tinged with sadness. She would look you right in the eye while she rode you, and afterwards, she would turn her back to you, leaving you somehow lonelier than when you started.


The less pretty sister, she made up for it with passion. Leah was always self-conscious about her watery eyes, but she masked it with a brassy swagger. In bed, she had some secret moves that her sister taught her—gross, we know—and she was inexhaustible, the kind of woman who was never not in the mood, and never got a headache. She was also one of those rare women who was even sexier while pregnant. Her curves were delicious.


She was emotionally scarred by two husbands who had weird kinks and insisted on leaving her unfulfilled. But after a few years of feeling bad for herself and being miserable in her father’s house she finally learned to get hers, and easily seduced her father-in-law. No one knows what caused the great shift in her personality, but it was so intense that her father-in-law never even suspected it was her. After that one night with Judah she was the woman that every guy wanted, and nobody got.

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Author of Jewrotica's Double Mitzvah column, Tamar Fox is a writer and editor in Philadelphia. She will try anything once, including open relationships, dating someone who is chalav yisrael, and going to Suriname.