Neurotic and Erotic?

NJNWritten by Staff on November 10, 2012 [New Jersey Jewish News]

A New Jersey woman has created a website for Jewish erotica.

Jewrotica TshirtLeonia native Ayo Oppenheimer, 27, is founder and editor of Jewrotica. The new site is soliciting submissions in six categories: Romantic Tales, Awkward Stories, Naughty, Reflections, Reviews and Confessions. Oppenheimer hopes to generate a discussion she thought was lacking from her Orthodox upbringing and day-school education.

“There were lots of things that were taught very well, but sexuality and sexual education were not some of those things,” Oppenheimer, now a resident of Austin TX, told Ha’Aretz. “I wished there was something that spoke to the reality of the sexual tension that exists in communities where the laws of negiya (touching) are observed.”

As a “social entrepreneur”, she was awarded a microgrant of $1,000 from the Schusterman Foundation to develop the site.

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