‘Jewrotica’ Website Launches

‘Jewrotica’ Website Launches: An XBiz News Report

Written by Bob Johnson on October 25, 2012

xbizLEONIA, N.J. — Talk about guilty pleasures. “Jewrotica,” a new website celebrating Jewish sexuality was launched recently that promises to provide a voice for Jewish sexual expression in a new exciting way.

But don’t expect a portal packed with photos and videos of naked Jewish girls having sex.

There’s no porn to be found on the site that’s more of a horny, hyped-up dating site than a sex destination. Even its “Naughty” section only features tame essays on threesomes, lesbians and couples’ erotica that’s mild by today’s standards.

Founder and self-proclaimed “Lady of Mischief” Ayo Oppenheimer describes her site as “a spankin’ new project with the power to provide a voice for Jewish sexual expression and meaningful conversation. Jewrotica is an online community-in-the-making and a database of delicious and grin-inducing Jewish stories and confessions.”

Oppenheimer told Heeb Magazine, “Judaism purports to be a sex-positive religion, and we don’t believe in Original Sin. We believe in taking things in this world and sanctifying it. It’s not, ‘Food is Bad,’ it’s ‘Eat in moderation, keep kosher, makea blessing, be mindful.’ Sexuality’s supposed to be the same way, yet it somehow got shut out and closed off.”

The site also offers reviews, workshops with erotic readings, Jewish texts and writing erotica. And there’s a section where visitors can buy an assortment of Jewrotica swag including T-shirts and women’s thongs emblazoned with the company logo.

Is Jewrotica’s mission to get Jews to hook up sexually or to inter-mingle? Oppenheimer noted, “It’s really both. This is not a birthright game to try to eroticize Jews and Judaism to the point of Jews should only be in relationships with other Jews . . . but hey, if it turns out being the next great turn-on, I would be very pleased about that. But at the same time, I think maybe there is a certain amount of reclaiming in it . . . there is something uniquely sexy about Jews, and Judaism, and our Jewish community, and if anything, this is just providing a forum for people to explore that side of themselves.”