Calling All Hot Rabbis, Jewrotica Wants to Make a List of You


Written by Lauren Schwartzberg on October 29, 2013 [Jewcy]

Calling All Hot Rabbis, Jewrotica Wants to Make a List of You
It’s important that these rabbis are hot, not sexy

jewcyCalling all hot rabbis with that “badass factor,” Jewrotica, the online community and overall “hub for Jewish sexual expression,” is putting together a list of America’s Sexiest Hottest Rabbis of 2013.

Unlike those clichéd Top Rabbi lists made by The Daily Beast and the Forward, Jewrotica is shining a light on rabbis who deserve to be noticed for their “raw awesomeness.” Here’s the criteria:

“The Smarts” = You gotta respect the rabbis who can school you in a battle of wits, the ones that wow you with their intellectual chops but have the presence to keep you awake during the sermon. Send the brainy ones our way.

“Getting Some Action” = Any rabbi can open a Torah or Talmud (hopefully), but who are the rabbis that are taking action? Whether through Jewish outreach or social justice activism, if you want your rabbi to make this list, you got to show us a little action.

“Badass Factor / Sex Appeal” = Your rabbi rides a motorcycle? Plays jazz? Leads silent meditations and retreats? Or maybe your rabbi is so irresistibly sexy that you haven’t missed a Shabbat service yet this year? Yeah, that’s the one we want.

Jewrotica will be accepting nominations until November 15 and the final picks will be featured on the website this December.

The list was originally called America’s Sexiest Rabbis, but after angry backlash from readers that the competition was all about looks, Jewrotica editor Ayo Oppenheimer changed the name, explaining:

“This was never a contest based on physical appearance. None of the criteria we specified cited any mention of a nominated Rabbi’s looks. We used the word “Sexy” in a figurative and not literal sense and all we want to do is highlight Rabbis who are doing awesome and inspirational work.”

So, no, the rabbis will not be judged by their physical attractiveness and unfortunately there will be no Sexy Rabbis Swimsuit Calendar. Maybe next year.