Potiphar’s Wife – Excerpt

Image Credit: “Joseph Sees Himself”, Richard McBee 2006

Written by Adam Arotti. Adam Arotti is an author of Jewish-themed erotica, highlighting the erotic elements in biblical and Talmudic stories, as well as capitalizing on the taboos created by Orthodox Judaism. Fresh, provocative and educational, his anthology of biblical erotica is well under way. He lives on the West Coast with his wife and children.

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Rated RJoseph arrived whilst she was bathing. She was leaning back in a copper basin filled with hot scented water, the steam rising from the water concealing her body somewhat, but not by much. She had removed the bands from her dark tresses, which cascaded past her shoulders, framing her face sensuously.

She pretended to start as Joseph entered, and Joseph did the same.

“Joseph! I did not expect you so soon! Truly, your alacrity in responding to my summons is commendable!” Her voice was playful.

“My apologies, Mistress. I shall return later.” Joseph cast his eyes downwards, and moved toward the entrance.

“Oh, don’t be silly.” She waved her hand dismissively over the rim of the basin. “There’s nothing here that you haven’t already seen before, is there?”

Part of her would have liked to watch him squirm for the appropriately respectful response, but the greater of her wished him to relax. So she put just a touch of authority in her voice as she said:

“Tell me how fare our crops in the eastern fields.” She scooted back in the basin, returning her hands to the water. She was pleased to see that he raised his head to look at her directly.

“Mistress, I recall us going over those quite thoroughly yesterday. Is there some aspect of the crops that you wish to address in particular?” A crease appeared on Joseph’s forehead, confused by her request.

Zeleika inhaled deeply. Ah, the delightful complexity of a man fully mature in his wisdom and acumen, yet young in years and his experience with women. She scooted back, and drew her knees up until their tops emerged from the water, then leaned them against the sides of the basin.

“No, Joseph. I just want to hear the words from your lips again, as I did yesterday.” She saw him still hesitate. “Humor me,” she ordered.

He began to methodically recount the numbers of healthy and sickly crops in his melodious voice, a voice that caused vibrations to thrum inside of her. Her hands crept between her thighs. As Joseph described the irrigation system that he had devised to service the crops most in need of water, her fingers parted her delicate folds, closing her eyes to the sensation of the hot water flowing over her sex. When her thumb brushed over her flushed pearl she gasped audibly, interrupting Joseph’s narrative.

“Mistress?” Joseph asked, concerned.

“I’m fine, Joseph,” she reassured him, breathlessly. “Please do go on . . . you were speaking of the narrow ditches . . . Ahhh . . . ” When she saw that Joseph still hesitated, she said, more firmly: “Joseph, I said I’m fine! What you’re seeing is pleasure, not pain.”

Let’s see him react to that, she thought. Through hooded eyes she watched his face, and saw understanding dawn upon his handsome features. She thought that he might blush, but it seemed as though his confidence and poise returned along with his understanding. Nor did he avert his eyes, now that he knew that he was a welcome audience to her sensual ministrations. Instead, he simply proceeded with his report. As she proceeded with her self-pleasure.

Finally, she rose, the water cascading down her body. She saw his eyes flicker to her bare sex, to the curves of her hips and thighs. Did he recognize that not all of the moisture there was water? Their eyes met.

“Would you mind passing me the towel from the rack?” Zeleika asked softly.

Silently, Joseph walked to the rack, removed the linen towel, and approached Zeleika. He stopped several paces from her, and reached out with the towel.

“Oh, don’t be so frightened of me, Joseph,” she gave him a small smile. “Come closer. In fact, I would appreciate it very much if you would dry my back for me.”

She stepped out of the basin and turned her back to him. She felt his eyes on her, on her shoulders and back, then lower, as her body tapered to a narrow waist, before swelling outwards again to frame her generous buttocks. She sensed his approach, and drew in a quick breath. She felt his tentative touch through the linen as he gently wiped the remaining droplets of water from her upper back, then following the curve downwards, lingering on the small of her back. She experienced a slight flash of disappointment when his hands again traveled upwards, instead of continuing their descent.

However, as his fingers reached her shoulders, Joseph moved in closer, and she felt the rigidity of his manhood lightly grazing her lower back, with only the thin cloth of his robe between them. She purred with pleasure at the touch, and was rewarded by Joseph slowly bending his knees in the beginnings of a crouch, which had the effect of dragging his hardness downwards, pressing into the crevice between the soft cheeks of her ass. She moaned and shuddered at the intimate contact.

Joseph inhaled deeply, his face inches from her neck. Then he sighed, and gently stepped back, slowly folding the towel in his hands.

“Hmmm . . . am I dry already?” Zeleika murmured.

She turned around to face Joseph, naked before his gaze. Her ripe breasts hung heavily from her chest, her dark nipples taut. Her face was flushed, she knew, and drops of her perspiration and arousal combined to trickle irritatingly between her legs.

“Joseph,” her husky voice caressed his name, “there yet remains a spot that has not been dried.” Her hand dropped between her thighs so that there would be no mistake as to her intentions. Joseph took a step forward.

“Joseph,” she said again, savoring his name on her tongue. “Would you please take a closer look to see if I indeed remain wet?”

Joseph nodded slowly, and then knelt to the ground until his face was level with Zeleika’s sex. His face came within an inch of her lips, and she could feel his hot breath against her smooth flesh. His intimate inspection of her most sacred place was almost too much for her to bear, and her legs trembled beneath her. She took a deep breath and steadied herself.

“Give me your hand, Joseph.” She held her hand out, and Joseph obediently placed his in her own. She found his index finger, and guided it to a spot just on the outside of her sex. “Do you see these two small brown dots, just here? “I’ve had those since I was born.” She steeled herself to his touch. When it came, ever so tentatively, she could not suppress a gasp, as a spasm wracked her body.

She lightly tugged on his hand, signaling Joseph to stand. She pulled him towards her.

“Well, Joseph?” she murmured. “What did you decide? Am I still wet? Tell me . . . ” She pulled him closer still, until she could feel the protrusion in his robe pressing against her stomach.

“Yes, Mistress,” Joseph replied, his usually-clear voice hoarse with desire. “There is a wetness that appears to have been overlooked.”

She locked eyes with him.

“Well that simply won’t do, will it?” she whispered. She reached down between them, holding her breath as her hand closed around Joseph’s robe-clad member. Its rigid thickness pulsated in her hand beneath the thin cloth. She carefully pointed it downwards, and shuddered when it finally made contact with her intimate folds. Joseph breathed heavily as Zeleika dragged the tip of his manhood up and down her moist slit, until the area of the robe covering his erection was saturated with her moisture.

The she stepped back and looked at Joseph, considering him. She sighed.

“Joseph, Joseph. You’re way too obedient. I would that you treated me as a woman, not as your mistress.”

“As a woman, my Mistress, you belong to Potiphar, my Master.” Joseph spoke the words clearly, if reluctantly.

Zeleika’s eyes flashed.

“I belong to no man!” she exclaimed. “Although I admit that I would willingly belong to you, if you would but take me as a man takes a woman.” She stepped towards Joseph, placing her palms against the flat planes of his chest, looking up at his face, her eyes wide. “Besides, was I not Potiphar’s wife a few minutes ago, as your manhood caressed my most intimate crevice, a spot that you are but the second man to have ever seen?”

She pressed her body against him, feeling the length of his hardness against her abdomen.

“That is true, Mistress,” Joseph said gravely. “However, a few minutes ago, we were aided by both pretext and the cloth of my robe. Now, however, we are treading very close to the edge of my ability to hide behind a mask of obedience.”

“Ah, so you admit it is but a mask,” she pressed her face against his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist. His own encircled her, his hands on her bare back.

“Of course,” Joseph murmured. “How could it be otherwise, with a woman such as you?”

“You think me beautiful?” she asked.

“I think you a goddess,” Joseph responded in an awed whisper.

She rested quietly against him for several moments, then pulled herself from him, taking his hand in her own. She softly caressed his fingers and knuckles with her thumb, as she thought. Then, she came to a decision.

“Come here,” she commanded, as she led him by the hand to her bed. He followed her, compliantly.

She released his hand, and climbed onto the bed. She lay on her back, raising her knees, the soles of her feet flat against the bed. His eyes were on her, with hungry avidity. Good. She spread her thighs slowly, and watched as his gaze was immediately drawn to her feminine center at their apex. She saw the tremor that went through his body as he witnessed the fleshy outer lips of her cleft part to reveal the moist, pink folds underneath. Then, framing her sex with her two fingers, she parted even those curtains to reveal the deep warm corridor that led to her core.

Joseph looked mesmerized.

“Joseph,” she breathed. “Lie with me. Take me. Make me yours.”