What Science Says about Sodomites


Written by Joseph Dunsay. After earning a Masters of Science in Ecology and Evolution, Joseph Dunsay became a science writer for international audiences. Find more Jewrotica writing by Joseph here.

Rated PG-13

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah seems like a simple tale of a city that gets punished for immorality. The local customs were evident when townsfolk tried to have sex with Lot’s visitors whom they mistook for men. Total destruction soon followed. Rabbis have commented about this section of the Torah for millennium, but what does modern science have to say about Sodomites? News from the UK suggests that man to man sex and anal play are not as unnatural as one might think. Content that shows this from providers such as www.gayfucktube.xxx has been popular for a long while, despite criticism from some of the less progressive groups within society.

Research indicates that straight people can have various levels of same-sex attraction and that these levels change from moment to moment depending on hormones and social considerations. Scientists measured how open straight subjects were towards same-sex encounters by having them complete online surveys and found that women were more open to having sex with women if they had higher levels of progesterone, a hormone associated with friendship and caring.

These biologists then investigated men to see what would make them more willing to have man to man sex. They found that both higher progesterone levels and time spent thinking about friendship primed straight men to be more open to same-sex encounters. The researchers concluded that same-sex encounters are a natural way to strengthen social bonds among straight people. It turns out that sexuality is more fluid than most people assume. Perhaps it is time we begin experimenting with ourselves, using products from loveplugs? It may be an enlightening experience.

Perhaps Sodomites had a tradition of welcoming new men into town with sex in order to win them over as allies. Maybe it was their way of passing the peace pipe. Even so, there are many ways for men to have sex with each other besides sodomy. How natural is anal play? Surveys indicate that about half of straight men have tried anal play at least once. Although anal sex is riskier than oral sex and vaginal sex, it is not uncommon to try the back door. Couples interested in anal sex should check out tips for going that route. Keep in mind that anal sex can be awkward for a novice. The video below is about one man’s first experience in new territory.

Humans evolved sex as more than a means of reproduction. That is why couples keep having it after menopause and when a woman is already pregnant. The social bonding that occurs in the bedroom has value independent of any procreative goals. Bedroom activities can range from watching porn together or giving back rubs to rolling the dice with bareback anal sex. As long as both partners give informed consent ahead of time, who is in a position to judge?

After earning a Masters of Science in Ecology and Evolution, Joseph Dunsay became a science writer for international audiences. His LGBT erotic e-book launched in the summer of 2015.