One More Step

A161 one more step

Written by Jon Freebird. Jon is a world traveler from England. Jon is currently in Central America, and plans on reaching Panama before sailing across the Pacific to New Zealand or Australia.

Jon has been writing for about 18 months. When Jon writes erotica, he writes it for specific people to cater to their tastes and this piece was written for a Jewish girl.

rating_xxxShe felt… heavy. And yet, incredibly alive at the same time. As though she was made of lead but had electricity running through her bones. The one holding her back and the other pushing her forward, which would win out? She wasn’t sure. Which did she want to win out?

She wasn’t sure.

Her stomach sat empty, light yet heavy inside her, butterflies was not the right word at all, more like… lead weights that sometimes defied gravity to float inside her.

One’s modesty was like a precious flower to be guarded, a delicate creation not to be shared or exposed outright – or so she had been taught at Bais Yaacov growing up. It had been years since she left the community, but this would be a step so far outside the bounds of halacha… Would desire and exploration win over the value system so ingrained within her by her family, her community, her synagogue? She wavered.

The weight of the fear held her back but maybe… she breathed deep and pushed herself forward, let the electricity in her bones push her forward.

She was going to do this.

She was going to do this?





She walked into the darkened room knowing what she would face there and yet still stepping forward.

She knew in her heart that there was no risk here, no threat but still that it would be intense and because of that, frightening.

The door softly clicked shut behind her.

He welcomed her from the bed, already naked, just as she was, he beckoned for her to come over and as she stepped to the side of it she felt his hand, strong but gentle, wrap around her leg. His skin slid over hers and his fingers curled around, she could feel the strength in them.

Her whole life so far had been an exploration, a slow pushing of boundaries into new and uncharted territories, what if this was one step too far?

“You don’t have to do this, you know.”

She blinked and came back to the present at the sound of his voice, “No, I want to.”

“Then come here,” he smiled. Pulling her slowly down to meet his rising lips he kissed her.

The room was circular and mostly taken up by the bed on which he was lying. The walls rose up into darkness and she knew that at the top they didn’t meet the ceiling but instead opened up to a viewing gallery where people she didn’t know would be watching.

Sinking down onto the bed she pushed him back onto it and smiled to see him fall back. She stroked her hands over his body, feeling him react under her touch. Small tremblings and twitches passed through him closely following the path her hands took as they wandered across him. She felt herself react to the sensations she knew would be coming, the anticipation building, the electricity overwhelming the lead, her nipples crinkling and hardening and a dull, hollow ache beginning inside her.

He began to return her caresses, gently stroking her face and running his fingertips over it as if trying to memorize her features. She closed her eyes to let his fingers trail across them and left them closed for a long moment revelling in the sensations he gave her. She smiled as his fingertips feathered across her lips, almost ticklish but not quite. Parting her lips she caught hold of his fingers with her teeth and drew them in, suckling and gently licking them, basking in the sound of his breath catching.

At a gentle pull from him she released his fingers, opened her eyes and quickly straddled him.

Pushing him down into the bed she leaned forwards, her hair fell down on either side of their faces and hid them from view for a moment. She kissed him slowly and tenderly and pressed her body down into his.

Feeling his cock hard against her she was suddenly incredibly aware of the aching emptiness inside her, she wanted to feel him at her entrance and then have him slowly slide into her, gradually filling her till that emptiness went away.

She reached down to take hold of his cock and guide it into her, but bumping his hips he rolled her over till he was above her and between her legs. Feeling the head of his cock pushing slowly into her she rolled her hips up towards him but he smiled and pulled away. He stalked his way down her body pausing in certain places to pounce and inflict pleasure. He licked and suckled at her nipples for a moment and when he pulled away let them rasp through his teeth.

Kissing his way down the rest of her body he arrived, finally, at his goal.

His warm breath played gently across her and she ached to feel his lips and tongue on her. Arching her back, she sought to bring her lips to his but he teased and stayed just a little way away. She looked at him, “Please?”

He smiled in return, “Of course.”

At last she felt his tongue reach out and gently begin to flick and lick and caress her; at first he stayed away from her clit, but gradually he worked his way closer till at last his tongue was on it and around it and then lower and parting her lips with small, gentle licks. Catching hold of her legs, he pulled her closer and pressed his tongue deep inside her till she could feel the tip of it just lightly pressing against her G-spot. Letting her down, he replaced his tongue with fingers, curled them upward and pressed into her again. Slowly, insistently and with building pressure he stroked and tapped, pushing her, driving her ever higher till at last she arched her back and screamed her pleasure aloud.

Coming back to her senses she heard a gentle murmuring of conversation and low laughter, not malicious but joyous and vicariously enjoying her pleasure.

Rose petals fell slowly into the chamber, tokens of people showing their appreciation for her orgasm.

She caught hold of his hair and pulled him up till they were face to face, “I want you inside me. Now.”

He pushed a pillow under her hips, raising her up a little, reaching down she held his cock and guided it’s head to her entrance, feeling it in place she wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck and pulled him down and into her.

Inch by inch he slowly sank into her and filled that aching need she’d been feeling for so long.

Resting for a long moment inside her he kissed her and then began to move, slowly at first but then quicker. At each long stroke the head of his cock bumped and pushed against her G-spot and then the shaft slid past it too. At each short one his pubic bone ground against her clit.

She could feel the sensation building and growing again inside her as he thrust and slid himself into her till at last she could feel his cock pulsing inside her and as her orgasm approached, so too did his.

They came together, shaking and twitching, her back arched and his hunched over, wrapped together in ecstasy for a long while.

They stayed together like that for a time. Still connected at the hips, they smiled and laughed quietly and exchanged kisses as the rose petals continued to softly patter down.

Jon Freebird, 26, is British and a world traveller. He has been underway for a little over 2 years and is currently in Central America. He plans on reaching Panama and then sailing across the Pacific to New Zealand or Australia. He has been writing erotica for about 18 months.

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