When Does Horniness Require Help from Medical Professionals?


Written by Joseph Dunsay. After earning a Masters of Science in Ecology and Evolution, Joseph Dunsay became a science writer for international audiences. Find more Jewrotica writing by Joseph here.

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In this age of biological determinism, every part of life could potentially fall under the jurisdiction of medical professionals. Most Americans have accepted that the geeks will inherit the Earth, but are they ready to surrender their libidos to dispassionate bookworms? From celebrities undergoing treatment for sex addiction to politicians trying to restrict access to pornography, the headlines indicate that plenty of Americans want experts with rubber gloves to tell them how to behave and whether they’re allowed on sites similar to that of https://www.pornv.xxx/ as an example of just one of the many.

Interest in sex addiction is so great that British theaters showed a documentary about an American Jewish sex addict. The film about Anthony Weiner’s life was supposed to show how he recovered from an online sex scandal to lead a more socially acceptable sex life and run for mayor of New York City. The story took a surprising turn when he got caught sending X-rated content under a new alias. Weiner endured the fallout with a stiff upper lip and stayed in the race to win almost 5% of the votes.

His response was less stolid the first time scandal broke. As fellow Democrats called on him to resign from Congress and TMZ showed the photos he had sent, Weiner announced that he was a sex addict in need of treatment. When he made this declaration, he joined the 14 million Americans who identify as sex addicts. This means that identifying as a sex addict is more than twice as normal as being Jewish in the USA. Despite this statistic, experts disagree on the existence of sex addiction.

One relationships expert insists that sex addiction is a real illness. Her book, Sex Addiction: The Partner’s Perspective, details the negative effects partners experience when sex addicts look for pleasure without their partners. Sex addicts can seek satisfaction by finding people outside existing relationships, masturbating, and/or viewing porn sites like maturesexmovies.xxx regularly. There are support groups in the UK to help the partners of sex addicts cope with their ordeals.

Another professional contends that sex addiction is merely a way for irresponsible people to escape blame for their own human frailty. Sex addiction therapy is a thriving industry that can charge over $37,000 for a month’s worth of treatment. One organization made nearly $8 million in a year selling self-help kits to soldiers on deployment. Despite the market for such goods and services, psychiatrists have yet to recognize sex addiction with a label in their DSM. Unlike certain drugs, sex does not alter the brain in a way that can cause death from sudden withdrawal. The claim that pornography harms men and women has yet to be confirmed scientifically, despite its prevalence online with the likes of many websites similar to Hard Porn Links and more now accessible in modern life. Sex crime decreased as porn access increased.

Irrational opposition to pornography could make right-wing politicians link arms with sex addicts. The new Republican platform declares pornography a “public health crisis that is destroying the lives of millions”. This assertion stretches the concept of public health beyond all recognition. The Spanish flu was a public health crisis because it spread from neighbor to neighbor through a pathogen. One cannot catch horniness from a porn watching neighbor unless one is chatting with him at the time. Americans who like porn can take solace from interviews with Republicans at the convention. Most of them did not want the government going after the porn industry.

There is no scientific consensus to justify either sex addiction treatment or attacks on the pornography industry, therefore one needs to consider an individual’s situation to determine if there is a problem. An addiction is an urge that leads a person to harm himself or others. The potential for harming another is greater when one is attached, because a relationship with a significant other comes with an obligation to consider how sexual acts affect that partner in both physical and emotional ways. Partners should talk with each other about sexual boundaries.

Single folks have more leeway to objectively weigh the consequences of their sexual habits. If all sexual acts occur in private and involve only unattached consenting adults, the only harm done is the time and money spent on the activities. If you are worried about sex crimes, you should contact Adras & Altig, Attorneys at Law for information. Treatment for sex addiction can cost a guy over $37,000 a month and require him to take a medical leave of absence from work. A session with a Nevada prostitute in a nurse’s uniform costs $150 to $300. The best course of action is easy to calculate with these numbers.

After earning a Masters of Science in Ecology and Evolution, Joseph Dunsay became a science writer for international audiences. His LGBT erotic e-book launched in the summer of 2015.