Golems in the Bedroom


Written by Joseph Dunsay. After earning a Masters of Science in Ecology and Evolution, Joseph Dunsay became a science writer for international audiences. Find more Jewrotica writing by Joseph here.

Rated PG-13

Although the robot is a recent invention, Jewish stories about manufactured androids go back centuries. The golem was a mythical clay humanoid that defended Jews from persecution. European Jews wrote instructions for how to make golems in the Middle Ages. One recipe had the maker build it out of soil and bring the golem to life with powerful words. Numerous Jewish legends feature golems protecting Jews from attacks.

This generation has a more pleasant task for artificial humans. A Canadian website described how developers are working on sex robots to satisfy our bedroom desires. Current designs resemble traditional sex dolls more than they resemble live humans. Two companies have prototypes with artificial intelligences that are not on the market yet. Consumers ready to pay several thousand dollars may soon enjoy sex robots that learn their preferences.

The website went on to consider how sex robots will change society. An artificial intelligence expert thinks humans will sleep with, love, and marry robots someday. He saw a few benefits to this upcoming trend, such as the companionship robotic relationships will offer to humans who normally live alone. A legal expert had a more cautious view of sex robots. She worried that their existence would encourage misogyny.

A feminist writer addressed the sexism of men enjoying female sex robots by demanding male robots for women to enjoy. She saw little sense in banning sex robots, especially when so many attractive female voices, like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, are ubiquitous in everyday digital life. Her solution was to balance out the sex ratio with more male sex robots.

With natural urges pulling women towards irresponsible men their mothers can’t stand, hot male robots could serve a vital function. If engineers create sexy male robots that outcompete the rebels in bed, the ladies will be satisfied in that department. Then they will marry reliable gentlemen when it is time for them to settle down. Perhaps it is time for Jews to take collective responsibility for making women happy in the bedroom by inventing sex robots that thrill Jewish women. The high stakes could motivate guys to spend plenty of time working on the project.

After earning a Masters of Science in Ecology and Evolution, Joseph Dunsay became a science writer for international audiences. His LGBT erotic e-book launched in the summer of 2015.