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Written by Jean Franzblau. Jean was raised on bagels and lox in South Florida. She’s currently on tour with her show “Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Comedy.” Between performances Jean is a “sex life coach” providing support to women who have reached a point in their lives where they want to explore their sexuality safely. Find her blog at

Rated XXX

Hi honey,

How is day eight at the old El Paso Best Western? Did the mean breakfast lady apologize for the waffle situation on Monday? Probably not. They’re not big on customer service in El Paso, but I didn’t need to tell you that.

On the way back from Noah’s practice – the coach put him third at the tee today – I missed you so suddenly and deeply. And so here I am, at the beginning of Abi’s nap wanting to share with you my thoughts. So, baby, I want you to relax, take a few deep breaths. Don’t turn on Letterman tonight and don’t do any more work, okay? Promise? I want you thinking about this…

Imagine that you are there in your room, freshly showered. It’s been fifty minutes since you called the escort service advertised online. You spent some time browsing a few of the different Toronto Escorts Cachet Ladies until eventually, you spotted the woman of your dreams. There’s a knock at the door and you see me. But I’m not your wife in this story. I’m the one who’s come to give you the wildest time of your life. I’m tan as usual, but my hair is blonde now, silky and flowing. I’m wearing a clingy purple dress with my tits falling out the top. Like Rachel at temple. Just like hers. Silver bracelets tinkle on my wrist. As you look from my lips to my inviting hips down to my strappy high heels, you want to yank my dress down and get your hands on me. I have other ideas.

You are on your back, your wrists are tied to the bed, and you’re surprised at yourself for letting me do it. It happened so fast. Once the door was closed, I rushed to rub my whole body against yours. I could feel the warmth of your hard cock through your sweat pants. Our mouths hungry, tongues thrusting. Then I bit your ear hard and breathed my request with a groan. “Please let me try something. You’ll love it, trust me.”

And now there’s no turning back. You’re naked, helpless. I approach the foot of the bed with a mischievous look. I lean down to your toes, kiss each one then play my tongue through them. Sometimes I nibble, sometimes I bite. I begin to carefully crawl up your hairy, he-man body barely skimming it with the fabric of my dress. You want to grab my ass so badly, but your wrists are tied. You strain with every fiber of your body to make contact, but just as you lift up, so do I. (That’s what all those weeks lifting weights at Curves were for!)

You begin to smell the heat coming from between my legs and can do nothing about it. I’m holding my entire body over yours, my arms and feet holding me up, then surrender myself completely on top of you, letting my arms hold you, rubbing your chest with my tits, tightening my ass to press my pussy into your thigh, grinding. You can feel the hot wet, your cock wants in. My eyes look right into yours. Desire.

I continue to crawl up your body. My ass reaching your chest, still moving higher. I straddle your head with my knees, you strain your tongue up to lick my wet cunt. I lower myself squarely over your mouth. You kiss me deeply, tongue thrust in me, eating eating. Immersed in pussy, you can hear my moans turn into a shout as I come. (God, you always know just how to tongue fuck me, honey. I’m getting so hot writing this.) Sweet musk overflows your mouth as a few drops runs down your neck.

I lift myself away and survey your face. My juices glisten on your lips and chin. Your eyes are hungry. We kiss savagely with lips and teeth as you strain against your tethers. My tongue searches every part of your mouth. We are beginning to sweat. I stop to look at you, kiss your eyelids gently, then put a scarf across your eyes knotting it securely. You see black. I walk away from the bed.

Where the hell did I go? The next moment, you hear a crinkling sound, what is that? I am back on the bed urging you to lift your ass up as you feel something plastic being put underneath you. Your body rests completely on top of a plastic sheet. This is frustrating. Your cock is hard as a rock straining for touch, tonguing, firm strokes, something! You can feel me near your ankles and hear the crinkle of the sheet underneath my knees. You hear the sound of a bottle opening and hear a liquid pouring sound. You hear me say, “aaah.” You feel cool drops of something dripping on your left toes, then your right. Now splashes are falling on your shins, then stomach, and neck. I put one finger between two of your toes and your feel the slipperiness. This is Astroglide. Your cock jumps with the recognition as I drench your thighs and fire crotch.

The Astroglide pours off your body onto the plastic sheet and a pool forms underneath your ass. You release and clench your butt muscles and the slipperiness saturates your asshole. I straddle you and grab your ass with both hands and scratch. With one finger I delicately touch your oiled anus, you thrust your cock upwards. I stop and get up. I rub long squirts of Astroglide onto the fingers of your right hand. I fill your empty hand with soft flesh. You realize that I’ve put my breast in your hand, feel for the hard slippery nipple and pinch it hard. I slip away.

I reach for your blindfold and pull it off. Your eyes behold me totally naked, my skin shining, dripping everywhere, nipples hard. Your instinct is to grab me, but instead you must watch me turn around, put my hands on my generous behind and move in a slow, rhythmic, dancing grind. I turn back around as my hands reach my glistening tits. I close my eyes with pleasure and rub them hard…

More later. Abi’s hollering. Hon, I was just about to fuck you, I promise. I’ll write again. Crap, she’s raising hell up there.



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