The Four (and more) Questions

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Written by Leon. Leon is an experienced Jewrotica writer who has published several poems on Jewrotica. Experience Leon’s poetry here, and his book of poetry Beyond Time and Space.

Rated PG-13

After, everyone asks:
So how was it?
Did you enjoy it?
How long did you go for?
How many were you?
Did you bend over?
or just lean?
Did you do it on the floor?
Or on the table?
Was it sweet?
Did it move you, free you?
Or just the same as last time?
Did you finish on time? Together?
Did you fall asleep in the middle?
At the climax, did you sing?
Did you know one?
or two?
or maybe even thirteen?
Did you dip and taste the saltiness?
once or even twice?
And does a slap, a slight blow turn you on?
And that sense of a ‘little death’?
Did you experience the going down?
The coming out?
And the waters cleaving?
And the pores opening?
And the waters closing?
And that sense of drowning?
Of liberation?
Of Love?

I am a late-comer to poetry especially Jewish-laced love poetry. In the last two years I have written about 50 such poems that I am now trying to publish under the title - The Metaphysics of Love. They are about love - love for women as a metaphor for the Divine love - sometimes employing very erotic images inspired by the Song of Songs and Kabbalistic literature.