Eight Nights of Chanukah Fun

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Written by Anonymous. A note from the author: I found out about your site though a friend. My husband and I have found ourselves giving advice to friends (in the sheltered world of Orthodoxy) who have become engaged and married. We both grew up and went through the Yeshiva and Bais Yaacov school systems, and while we are still observant, we can’t really place ourselves with any specific grouping. I always wanted to start a site giving advice, but I don’t really have the time to do so and, as I am not a professional writer or therapist, I am even more reluctant.

Over Chanukah my husband and I had a little fun together, and when I told him about your site he encouraged me to write what we did down, and see if we could submit it to you. I have written things before, but have not written stories for a very very long time. Thank you for considering the submission!

Rated RMy husband S and I were shooting the breeze last Friday night after the meal. Chanukah began on Motzi Shabbos/Saturday night and we were trying to decide what to do on the coming Sunday. Buy presents, visit family or stay home and play… He started to sing to the melody of the age-old xmas song on the first day Chanukah my true love gave to me… One vibrator. So I smacked him (softly!).

Then we started to talk about it. Why not do something fresh every night? It’s a romantic time, with the candles burning, the perfect time for a candlelight dinner, and some special time together. As we all have our fantasies, this would be a great time to play with them – each night we would experiment with something new. A new toy, a new pair of lingerie, a new position etc.

Here is what happened.

On the First night of Chanukah my true love gave to me…
A Mind Blowing Sensual Massage

After Havdalah and lighting the menorah, he took me in his arms and whispered in my ear that he had a special present for me. He gave me a kiss, pulled back and took out a small bottle of my favorite aromatherapy oil and a box of lavender scented bath salts. Stepping away, he went into the bathroom and turned on the bath. I walked in a moment later and saw that he had lit about ten candles. Smiling, he kissed me again and walked out, closing the door behind him.

A half-hour later, I slowly got out of the tub and dried myself off. After putting on my plushest robe, I wrapped a towel around my head and went into the bedroom to find some clothes. Clothes, it turned out, were not to be part of my evening plans.

S was sitting on the bed waiting for me. He had lit more candles, and splashed some of the aromatherapy oil into my diffuser. I sat on the bed in front of him, and relaxed as he put his hands on my shoulders, and started to massage them. He removed the towel from my head, kneading and massaging my scalp, and then working his way down. The robe came off as he reached in front of me, releasing the belt. I turned around to thank him with a kiss and he pulled me back, lying me down on the bed.

The rest was an evening of sensuality. He massaged every inch of my body with his delicate touch, applying pressure or delicate strokes right where I needed them. He always leaves my most sensitive spots for the end, that is when he gives me a tongue massage, gently licking my breasts, while massaging my (freshly shaved!) mound and vice versa. Nothing feels better then a tongue and fingers, softly stroking, softly playing in the folds. I hadn’t orgasmed like the way I did that night for quite some time. Tonight was my night. Pure simple bliss.

On the second day of…
Hubby Pleasuring

I slept like a log and woke up late. After S came home from shul we spent the morning having a late brunch with family who lived nearby. Later, excusing myself saying I wanted to go pick up a few things for the week at the local grocery store, I drove to a not-so-close adult gift store. I wanted to return the favor, as the previous night had been mind-blowingly awesome, and as I love S, I felt it would only be fair – he worked very hard and deserved a reward.

It was difficult to make a choice. Lingerie, toys, movies, belts and…an idea formed. We had experimented with light bondage – taking ties or scarves and using them strategically. I picked up a set of velvety ropes, with a small booklet regarding their use. I also picked up an interesting “male” toy, trying to think about how I could use it on him.

When S went went out for Mincha / Maariv, I had about 45 minutes to shower and get myself all sparkly for him. We lit the menorah, had a light supper and then it was time for dessert. I know he was expecting us to do something, but he rarely initiates unless he’s sure I’m in the mood. He knows how to be romantic and giving, without always taking, unlike a lot of other husbands I know of.

I sent him off to go take a shower while I cleaned up in the kitchen. As he was getting dressed in his t-shirt and shorts, I stepped quietly into the room and came up behind him. I reached around his waist started to massage his stomach, moving higher up to his chest and then neck, and then lower, to massage the growing bulge in his shorts. I moved my hands under his shirt and started pulling it over his head.

Right before he could pull his hands out I stopped and twisted it, trapping his hands behind his back. Knowing something was up he tried to turn around but I pushed him down on his stomach, onto the bed. I took out one of the velvet ropes and tied his hands together behind his back, removing the shirt in the process. I then removed his pants and shorts, before taking a second rope and lightly binding his legs together.

Making sure he was watching me as I removed my clothes. I was wearing a simple, but pretty, lace panty bottom from our marriage, and I made a little strip tease show as I slowly removed it with my top, leaving me completely nude.

I took out some massage oil, and started working on his shoulders, moving down to concentrate on his glutes, and moving my fingers in between and under him to knead his rock hard shaft, and then back up, lightly brushing the area just behind his testicles. I could tell he was enjoying the experience but was flustered that he couldn’t really move around very much. I moved him so he was positioned more on his side, and took out my trusty finger vibrator. Turning it on, I massaged the base of his member while taking the head in my mouth to give him an experience I knew he would not forget.

After he had time to recover, I lay down beside him, and massaged his chest while placing him inside of me. Ok, it was a little awkward at first as I would not untie his hands, but we moved together in rhythm and ten minutes later he came again, the strong surge filling me. Let me just say that he and I slept very peacefully that night.

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