Poetic Lechery

A151 poetic lechery

Written by Dr. Limor Blockman. Born and raised in Haifa (Israel), Dr.Limor religiously relates her writing to her origins and her Judaism. For more writing by Dr. Limor, check out the Jewrotica Fantasies series.


Rated RYou unfold my sex at dawn, spreading me wide to your fond extent.
I gasp in anticipation as you strain your glorious endowment,
Rupturing my circumscribed opening.
I stretch and delve to appraise the staggering invasion,
You gaze in my eyes in search of love affirmation.
Do you unveil it? Is it out for the taking?
Have I become so diaphanous to your entreaties,
Or is it all a self persuading incantation I tend to apply
Upon verging the fire of limerence?
That shall remain tenebrous and forever unintelligible!


If you had asked, I would have opened my doused mouth.
If you had asked, I would have wrapped my small hands around your shaft.
If you had asked, I would have circled your glans.
If you had asked, I would have clenched and devoured every inch of you.
If you had asked, I would have begged, pleaded, cried and implored,
For your attention, manifested in a hoary deluge
But you surmised my yen and occluded it for good!


There is nothing special about us, my lover
It is simply another deplorable false avidity I surrender to.
There is nothing special about us, my invader
It is simply another juvenile persuasion of my pathetic quest.
There is nothing special about us, my conquistador
It is simply another attempt to recapture my fantasy enshrined in your pants.
There is nothing special about us, my executioner
It is simply another exhausting stop I must make in my delirium.


I thought he could sate my desire,
My craving for limerence and adulation.
I thought his kiss between my thighs would make it better
And less painful.
I thought his fierce caress would help me climb
To that safe haven, I so craved!
I thought his meticulous thrusting would dislodge my deprived properties
And my demoralized contemplation of love.
But his impaired attention left me ravenous, aching and cold,
Until the calidity breeding my wetness slowly dissipated,
Into the thin air
And the pain emerged, much greater than its embryonic counterpart,
As I warranted his clench over my heart!


I wear my lips red,
So I can postulate the reflected vixen.
I pout and pucker to make you notice,
Coveting your acquiescence of my pulchritude
And your raving in my ear.
You devoured my sex and left my hair bedraggled,
My chin flushed with scarlet hue,
From your bristly paw and my sensual advent.
My lips remained maroon and bright,
On your luscious manhood.

Dr. Limor Blockman, Jewrotica's new Author and Cultural Outreach Director, is a renowned clinical sex counselor, educator, columnist, speaker and author. Dr. Limor holds a PhD in Human Sexuality, a Master’s in Public Health & Community Medicine and a Bachelor’s in Psychology & Behavioral Sciences.