Shoshana’s Rough Day

rough day

Graphic by Emmarogenous.

Written by Jayde Blumenthal. Jayde Blumenthal may be a pen name, but everything else about her love for Judaism, and erotica (and Jewish erotica!), is really truly real.

Jayde was originally inspired to write Jewish erotica when she saw how popular Amish romance was. She thought, “why not us???” Unlike the Amish, she really hopes some observant Jews can click through and enjoy her stories as well.

She has just finished a full-length trilogy called Hassidic Passion, and is also in the middle of a series of grown-up Jewish bedtime stories that she hopes will trigger some seriously moist fantasies.

Most of Jayde’s writing happens on trains. She travels for work and gets off on knowing that the people sitting across from her have no idea what she’s doing when she gets that serious expression and start typing away full-speed.

Jayde Blumenthal puts all her love into every single word she writes. She really hopes you’ll dig right in even if it’s your very first lick at the erotica popsicle. The following is an excerpt.

Rated R

Shoshana was lying back with her legs spread, Moishy deep inside her, when she realized exactly what was wrong. Not with her life – life with Moishy was as close to perfect as it could possibly get.

They had one beautiful daughter, Sarah, who was nearly a year old. She wasn’t pregnant again yet, but for now, that was okay. In fact, she was kind of happy about that, having seen some of her friends’ families balloon, to the point where girls her age – seriously, girls! – had three, four or even five kids trailing along behind them.

No, what was wrong was this. The bed thing. If she wanted to call it what the newspapers called it, sex. But usually, she didn’t. She called it “intimacy.” She called it “marital relations.” And lately, she called it dull, dull, dull.

Before Sarah came along, there had been at least a bit of a thrill. Wondering exactly what he’d do to her. It was like discovering a new path through the forest, where every twist and turn, every thrust of his leg, every time he wiggled on top of her, was a new and different route they were exploring together.

Just this, the fact that he was on top of her, inside of her, and her mind could wander like this. Well. She forced herself back into her body and took stock. Nearly done. She knew that a few more grunts would do it.

She’d gotten a good one. She knew that, and that she should be grateful. Moishy was good looking – not that she needed anyone to tell her, but everyone had when they got engaged, like she’d gotten more than she deserved. Not mousy and pale with a wispy beard, like some of the guys. No, somebody must have converted in his background, because there had to be goyish peasant stock in him somewhere. He was fair but not washed-out looking, with broad shoulders and strong, thick thighs.

She knew she wasn’t totally beautiful, but she’d been surprised at everybody’s surprise that she’d snagged such a hot guy. She thought she looked pretty good. Beautiful, Moishy told her. He was like that, gentle and considerate, and that was another area in which she’d been lucky.

Like right now. He was fingering her – how many other husbands she knew would do that? She’d look around sometimes, when they were at friends’ for Shabbos meals, and wonder if the husbands went out of their way to pleasure their wives with their fingers, the way Moishy did with her.

Shoshana wriggled beneath his fingertips. She gasped. She moaned and let her mouth fall open, as if she was experiencing the heights of pleasure. Moishy seemed pleased with this reaction, and kissed her, over and over, on top of her head, all over her face, even down onto her chest.

He pushed himself into her, over and over and, obligingly, Shoshana moved faster, sensing that they were in the home stretch. She opened her legs even wider; let herself feel the weight of him descending into her, sliding slickly in and out.

“Oh!” she cried, clutching his ass as hard as she could. “Ohhh, yes.” She bucked, rocking her own ass, pushing up to meet his thrusts. Once, twice, three times and then one final clench, hugging him, squeezing him with her arms, her thighs, her pussy.

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