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Written by Sender Rozesz. Sender Rozesz is a practicing attorney with a background in Jewish pluralistic education for adults. Sender Rozesz is Jewrotica’s resident Double Mitzvah columnist. The views reflected in his writing represent his own personal views, and are not intended to reflect the views of any organizations, institutes or associations with whom he may be affiliated.

Rated PG-13

I waited, bound
How long would he make me wait?
The ropes, oh the ropes
Knotted around my wrists and ankles
Compassionate ties, not cruel ones
Tight enough to prevent my escape
But loose, the rope would not chafe my skin
Short, so that I could not comfortably rest on the bed
But long, so that I could freely move about the bedpost
To which I was tied

Our last moment together
Had been affectionate
He knelt beside me as he checked my bonds
Running his fingers through my hair
Murmuring softly in my ear
Gentle words of encouragement
To fulfill my purpose
And then he left
And I could not say how much time has passed
As the minutes and the hours blurred together

He had kept me bound
As he lived, as he ate
As he slept, as he rested
I was tied to his bedpost
Even as it rocked
With the vibrations of his lovemaking
My eyes filled with the tangled, sweating bodies
Of he and his wife
A silent bound witness
To their conjugal pleasures

And now I can finally sense
His footsteps, his approach
He enters the room softly
With purpose
I know that my time has come
The gleaming blade severs my bonds
And he gently leads me away
To fulfill my purpose
To fully surrender my self
As the Paschal lamb.