Teshuva, Tefila, Tzedaka – A Lover’s Guide From Rosh HaShana to Yom Kippur (Part 2 of 3)

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A192 RoshHashanah II

DAY 5 — Tzom Gedalia

Malka stretched on her bed as the Sunday morning light filtered through her curtain. Not quite awake yet, she found a warm body in front of her and leaned in to kiss inviting lips. Hannah woke up with the stimuli and immediately moved away from the other woman.

“Did you just… are you… what?” Malka muttered, still not completely awake.

“You can’t kiss me.”

“Why? I thought this whole charade had a concupiscent purpose!”

“It’s not a charade; we are fasting today.”

“I don’t get it, Yom Kippur is still many days away.”

“It’s the Fast of Gedalia.”

“What’s Gedalia?”

He was a king killed during the exile in Babylon. His killing preceded tragic events for the Jewish People, so we honour him right after Rosh Hashanah by fasting,” she explained.

“That can’t be right. Why do we have to starve twice in the same week?”

“It’s half a fast, it will be over at dusk.”

“If you’re messing with me Hannah, so help me I will—”

“Malka, I’m not kidding,” she laughed at the threat, throwing a pillow at her. “This is a real fast, now be good and go back to sleep.”

“Well, since apparently that’s all we can do today,” she said turning around, her back to Hannah. Her grumpiness dissipated when she felt Hannah’s arm round her midsection and before she could mentally complain even more about the lost day, she was falling asleep again.

DAY 6 — Holiday Indulgence

“I need you to occupy yourself for a few hours. I have to prepare for our next activity,” Hannah announced when Malka entered the kitchen. Apparently unimpressed by Malka’s eyebrow, she told her, “go on, make yourself scarce.”

“Fine,” she complied, not very happy about it. She went to grab her shoes and her purse.

“Oh, I need the keys to your apartment.”

“What for?”

“Well, for one, to ensure you will not be peeking before time. And I also need to buy some stuff.”

“I’m liking this less and less by the second.”

“Malka, don’t be so suspicious, just give me the keys and go enjoy your city of endless wonders. Oh, and don’t eat anything.”

Reluctantly she handed the keys and exited her home.

She returned exactly two hours later and walked straight to the kitchen, finding it empty. She tried her room next and was not disappointed to find the other woman there.

Her bed was covered with some kind of plastic cloth and her nightstand harboured different kinds of food.

“Strip,” Hannah commanded as soon as Malka entered the room and when she complied without the slightest complaint, the blonde started doing the same. “And tie your hair,” her own already in a tied bun.

“Apple sex,” Malka says eyeing the slices as she lowers herself down on the bed. “Sounds almost heretic, dear.”

“On the contrary, it is God’s will to enjoy the small pleasures in life,” she said in that voice Malka found herself incapable of resisting. Immediately she felt the arousal creeping up her skin and shivers down her spine.

When Malka is positioned on the bed, Hannah straddled her and spent the longest time just eyeing the uncovered skin. She then went for an apple slice and dipped it in honey before eating it with exaggerated slowness.

As she bit, the juices of the fruit mixed with honey dripped down her skin obscenely, and then Hannah squeezed the remaining of the fruit so it trailed down Malka’s stomach, pooling in her navel. The blonde immediately leaned forward thrusting her tongue and sucking the juice with an indecent noise.

She leaned to grab the honey jar from the table and Malka watched as the amber heavy liquid slowly covered her breasts. Hannah poured a generous amount on Malka’s chest, which she promptly cleaned, sucking and nibbling against warm skin, following the honey trail down.

When Hannah stopped to suck her own fingers clean—a rather futile action considering her upper body was already clothed in the liquid—Malka couldn’t stop staring even if she wanted to.

Hannah leaned to grab a ceramic mug preventing Malka from seeing what was inside. She settled between Malka’s now-open thighs, her head just barely away from her heated core. She tried to sit up but a hand shoved her back to the bed, effectively blocking her vision from whatever Hannah was planning on doing.

She heard her slurping the mug’s content before leaning to suck Malka’s wet, heated folds. A freezing sensation washed through her centre, making her squirm in pleasure against Hannah’s cold tongue, remnants of ice still in her mouth, melting against Malka’s warm skin.

When Hannah’s mouth warmed again, she repeated her action and then pushed her ice-covered tongue inside Malka’s dripping sex. This time she couldn’t hold the moan; her back arched and her hands went straight to grab Hannah’s hair, pulling and tugging as the blonde licked off the cool juice, sucking greedily.

Lost in Hannah’s touch, Malka let herself drift away by the strange sensation created by sticky fingers stroking in a steady, circular motion and a warming tongue teasing her in a similar slow fashion. She felt something deep and low pooling in her guts as everything around her just faded away.

When the orgasm hit her it was in the most unexpected way; her body heavily undulating, matching the slow pace of the fingers and tongue tormenting her. It was as if time just stopped and she was suspended in this beautiful, blissful moment that reached no end.

For a third time, the blonde reached the mug and drank, this time sliding back up and kissing Malka, making her taste herself on Hannah’s mouth, mixed with a sweet and just the right amount of tart flavour.

“What is that, dear? It tastes divine,” she moaned against cool lips.

“That was you, dear,” Hannah answered, and Malka found herself too tired to even try to raise an eyebrow. “Oh, and the other thing is pomegranate sorbet. My mom’s recipe.”

“My compliments,” she added, drowsily, surrendering to her heavy eyelids.

“Oh no, counselor Berkovich, there are still many desserts waiting to be eaten. You’ll get to sleep later.”

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Author’s Post-Script on Part 2:

1- The Kavanah service is an actual thing happening at Temple Israel, and I stole their description of it, although what Malka and Hannah did has absolutely nothing to do with the actual service. Check it out at www.templeisraelnc.org.

2- Though I’m aware that sexual activities are not specifically forbidden during minor fasts (like Gedalia), some insist that it should be and I agree.

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