50-something Jewish Princess


Graphic by Emmarogenous.

Written by N.E. Mensch. N.E. Mensch is a first time Jewrotica writer.

Rated R
I picked her up and, as god-is-my-witness truth, she was wearing The Look.

I mean, you have to see this woman in a blouse, skirt and tights to understand her pull, her secret flirting tease.

It’s like, she’s not doing it intentionally.

But, it’s there. It’s unmistakable.

I hugged her.

And held her face as I gave her a kiss.

She’d been holding out on me for so long.

But she closed those beautiful eyes, above which was the soft, fuck-me green eye shadow.

She had put on a tease of lipstick.

She kissed me, and not quickly. Her kiss came with a lingering parting of the lips.

Once home, she began making a cup of tea. She asked for the amaretto.

She stood at the counter. I was behind her, having shut off the burner.

I looked at her from behind.

What a specimen.

The fabulous ass teasingly covered by the short skirt.

The back of her tight thighs, shrouded with the black tights.

I put my hands on her hips.

She didn’t say a word.

I kissed her right cheek softly.

She took a sip of her tea.

She kissed the left side of my face.

She put down her cup.

She held my face.

She gave me a kiss, her eyes closed.

She lingered.

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