People’s Choice Awards

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The votes are in! Results for the People’s Choice winners were leaked on Facebook and Twitter but we’re making it official now…

Mazal tov to the People’s Choice for Sexiest Rabbis of 2013, as well as all of the other wonderful rabbis nominated for this contest!

1. Sexiest Activist-Rabbi Felipe Goodman

2. Delicious Dvar Torah- Rabbi Ronnie Cahana

3. Hottest Date- Rabbi Adam Greenwald


Rabbi Felipe Goodman is the People’s Choice for Sexiest Activist Rabbi: Tackling Society’s Wrongs and Making them Right!!! Rabbi Goodman has won our hearts with his endless love and support for Israel! Upon learning of this new and sexy accomplishment he can now add to his resume, Rabbi Goodman says:

“It feels great to be recognized but very undeserved. I hope that God gives me length of days to continue to try to make our world a better place. The majority of my colleagues work very hard to change the world through their example and by their actions! I guess the best recognition is when you see, even in a small way that some of the things you do are of consequence and somehow you remain a vibrant force by using The Mitzvot as a tool for building a better tomorrow!”

To learn more, check out the rabbi’s blog.


Words that Stimulate our Senses-Rabbi Ronnie Cahana’s amazing story and beautiful sermons captured the hearts of Jewrotica fans.

After a brain-stem stroke, Rabbi Cahana overcame the odds to continue to share his words of wisdom with the world, through blinking and mouthing each letter. We’re so proud to join with our Jewrotica community in honoring this inspirational leader!

His Dvar Torahs, as well as poetry and other works, are published on his blog, and he continues to inspire. “It would be so easy to give up,” his nominator says, but “Rabbi Cahana keeps at it and that is the most badass thing ever!”


Rabbi Adam Greenwald, winner of the Jewrotica People’s Choice category “Hottest Date: Who Do You Want To Go Home With… For A Shabbat Meal?”

Who Do You Want To Go Home With… For A Shabbat Meal?- Rabbi Greenwald received more votes than any other rabbi in the contest, making him the People’s Choice winner for a Shabbat candle- light dinner with kiddush wine and all around sexy Rabbi of 2013!

His ability to combine intellectualism and accessibility in all of his work has made him a favorite with Jews young and old.

Rabbi Greenwald says, “I’m grateful for (if somewhat confused and embarrassed by) all of the people who voted. I have long maintained that rabbis are sexy– but I had no idea that so many other people shared that particular peculiarity. ”

Follow Rabbi Greenwald on Twitter! @rabbi_adam

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