And Adam knew Eve

adam knew eve

Rated PG-13

Graphic by Margarita Korol

Written by Anonymous. Anonymous is a first-time Jewrotica writer and a new addition to the Jewrotica team.

Editor’s Note: Trigger Warning: The following post has been identified by the Jewrotica staff as containing content that may be triggering for some readers. This type of content may include sexual assault, questionable consent, abuse of any kind, self-harm, or violence.

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“I would like to get to know you in the biblical sense,” said the creepy guy at the bar.

Were our male biblical ancestors just as creepy? They always knew their wives, but did their wives know them? Was this act of knowing consensual? Was this knowing an admiration, an intoxication or a fetish? Was this knowing from a place of complete love and understanding, seeing their wives as partners and living, breathing counterparts: I know Rebecca’s favorite tea. I know Sara’s favorite book. Rachel’s favorite color is green. Eve likes wild berries and mint for breakfast. Lilith likes oral sex.

By knowing their wives personalities, hobbies, hopes and fears then our biblical male ancestors would have known their wives on one level and then acting on this foundational intimacy complete this knowing through physical intimacy and the pleasure of sex. If this is not true, if they did not know them as whole but only as objects, then the following may have existed in Eden: Rape.

And Adam knew Eve.
A Vessel Spilling Forth Lava.

Eve questioned, “Why was I made from his rib and him not from mine? Why is he able to name all the animals of the Garden and not me? And why must I be his dutiful helper?” The animals complain of his injustice, egotism, improper name calling, for they already had names before his arrival, and his thunderous roarings of ego. Yet, I do nothing, I remain quiet, lest Adam raise his hand in discipline against me like he did to the hyenas the other afternoon. It is true, that Adam can be kind and loving like a mother fox to her pups, yet in his anger he is like a wolf on the hunt, and being that he stands up straight like the tree, he feels he is better than the low lying animals of four legs. So day in and day out, I live the mundane, repetitious movements of my loneliness, as Adam names and creates, I alone have give birth to one word: Silence.

Last night, after the thunderous sounds of the wet and ghostly storm, another pain, just as deep and hollowing as that of silence, I did experience. Adam came near me. His body glistened with a wet that was not like the pounding sheets of rain. Sweat, I remembered, he had coined the word earlier in the day in reference to the wet coats of the horses as they galloped through the valley of the Garden and near the River Pishon. But sweat, as I had learned, was something that emerges from the body from heat in order to cool it down. What heat lay present in this hour of darkness and coolness of the unyielding monsoon? And yet still another fluid dripped from the lower branch of his treelike body. I barely could make it out in the forcefulness of the pounding rain drops, but it appeared to be white, like the early morning cloud cover that descends each day over Eden.

I stepped back, bumps, like mosquito bites began to form all over my arms, Adam was moving fast, like a wilder beast in motion. He was crazed with excitement like the wolves ready to attack, eyes red, teeth barred, and back curved in a black and silver demonic rainbow. The sky lit up in warning, and crashed with a siren of alarm. My front forehead, where antlers perched on the deer, pounded with primordial fear, run it urged, run for your life. I stepped back and my foot became caught in the hole of a mole. I collapsed to my knees, quick I thought maybe this is what they calling begging for forgiveness, just like the praying mantis does. Please don’t kill me I wailed, till my lungs burned with the fire of the sun.

Adam took this move of forgiveness, for a crime that I did not know or commit as acceptance, submission and his duty as a man. He stepped on top of me, face to face, branch to branch, limb to limb. I cried the high pitch call of the peacock and the long wail of the elephant. If I knew the word help, I would have screamed it as well. The intense rocking motion reminded me of the waves of the River Gihon and the sickly smacking sound of that of the otter’s paws breaking open their noon day meal of sea urchin. My stomach ached, as if the bear cub was reaching inside of me and was fishing around for bugs to eat, my ears pounded with the buzz of bees ready to attack. Adam constricted his grip around my body and coiled his arms around my neck, I struggled for air and I felt like the fish on dry land. My mouth stunk of the smell of the skunk and my heart pounded like the tail of the beaver building its watery home. Adam pressed on harder, with the jumping motion of a kangaroo and the roughness of bite like an alligator. When would it end, was not death supposed to be quick, like the lighting quick kill of the lion to the gazelle or the stillborn calf I saw this morning.

The bat cried overhead and the owl responded with her who, who, seeming to ask where God had gone and why I was forsaken to lie here and meet the darkness of death alone.

The rain halted and Adam removed himself from my vessel, stomach and soul. Blood trickled down my leg; hot, red and coddled like the lava of the volcano that erupted three days prior. My small mountain peaks on my upper section glistened red in the now visible moonlight. Small dirt ridden claws had shredded the perfect smoothness of my soft rabbit skin nipples. I was dying, at last. I exhaled and vomited the sweet cucumbers and strawberries from earlier that day onto the saturated and flooding ground. My hair lay matted to my forehead in the watery abyss of my pain. My heart pounded from within my rib cage, the center of my being. The earth began to spin, as an earthquake shook the once stable land of my life and of the Garden of Eden.

The deer walked quietly over and licked my face, a smooth, semi coarse sensation. The black bear in the corner looked over in curiosity and concern, as I his earth mother lay injured in a pool of blood. The noble lion leapt over in reverence and roared. “So begins the war between man and beast.”

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